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News-Register hires new managing editor

Marcus Larson / News-Register##Formerly of the Associated Press and overseas media sources, Jodie DeJonge joined the News-Register Monday as managing editor.
Marcus Larson / News-Register##Formerly of the Associated Press and overseas media sources, Jodie DeJonge joined the News-Register Monday as managing editor.

Jodie DeJonge began work Monday, Feb. 3, as the managing editor of the News-Register.

She replaces Associate Publisher Ossie Bladine, who took over the duties when longtime managing editor Steve Bagwell transitioned to part-time work as editorial page editor.

“We’re thrilled to bring Jodie into the newsroom,” said Bladine, who will remain involved in news and editorial, but will focus more on sales and marketing duties within the company. “Having a fresh perspective from someone with her level of experience will help solidify the things we do well as a community news organization, but more importantly re-evaluate how and why we cover issues and consider what areas we can improve upon.”

Most recently, DeJonge worked as the investigations editor at the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project based in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Prior to that job, she was the managing editor for digital news at the Phnom Penh Post in Cambodia as well as a contributing editor of WikiTribune in Southeast Asia.

She has also served as the editor in chief of the Cambodia Daily and senior copy editor of China Daily.

DeJonge was already familiar with several News-Register newsroom staff members from her more than 20 years of experience directing Associated Press bureau offices in Seattle and Philadelphia.

She was particularly familiar with Bladine and his father, Publisher Jeb Bladine.

“Being with the AP, it was kind of a gift,” DeJonge said. “I got to meet all of the AP editors. The reputation of the News-Register and the reputation of the Bladines is really high.”

DeJonge said she plans few immediate changes to the paper’s news operation.

“It’s enough of a challenge just to carry on the fine tradition,” she said. “Being a partner with Ossie and Jeb and finding ways for the newspaper to continue to survive and thrive is a good challenge.”

DeJonge added she’s excited to be involved in community journalism.

“After five years working abroad, a lot of that time in places were I was working to prop up journalism, I looked at home and saw how journalism was struggling and how the country was struggling,” she said. “I decided it was time to come home.”

DeJonge started her journalism career as a reporter for the Northwest Herald in Woodstock, Illinois.

“I worked in a small town,” she said. “I ran into the people I wrote about in the supermarket, and I always thought I would do that again. It’s full circle for me, although in a different place.”

And it’s a nice place, DeJonge said.

“I’m thrilled to be moving to such a lovely town,” she said. “Everyone talks about how wonderful McMinnville is. What a treat to move here. It’s a gem. It’s a wonderful newspaper in a wonderful town.”

Ossie Bladine said DeJonge’s arrival reflects the vitality of the News-Register.

“These days, news about staff changes in our industry are mostly about cuts,” he said. “It’s nice to announce that we’re adding to the newsroom and investing in a position that will benefit our readers and the county as a whole.”



Welcome Ms. DeJonge! I just signed up for an annual online subscription. Looking forward to reading all the local news.

Christmas has Talons

Jodie, please strive to change the culture of this paper to something everyone can get something out of instead of being known for irrefutable biased reporting. I'm willing to give you a chance.
Here's hoping for better!


DeJonge did you do any research or stories about my ex cube mate at the Stream Beaverton call center the Bosnian War Criminal Rasema Handanovic? Imagine my surprise one night when I turned on the news and there’s my friend “Sammy” on the local news! She’s now been returned back to her home country I believe. The weird experiences I’ve been through :-( Sanctuary State !!


I join IzzyGurl in extending a warm welcome to you, Ms. DeJonge. This is truly a vibrant community (though it is probably going to seem pretty tame considering your previous experiences?). We do value this extraordinary hometown paper and the good work it does to keep us informed.

The comment from Talons states an opinion that accuses (irrefutable?) bias. I do not know what informs that opinion, but I strongly disagree. I consider the culture of this paper to be a bit on the conservative side, but dependably even-handed. And when folks want to take exception to something, the N/R provides us with this forum to air our differences. Perhaps bias is in the eye of the beholder?

Best wishes to our new managing editor!


I would like to welcome Ms. DeJonge to Oregon and our area. I wish you much success and happiness as you settle in and start your new venture with the News Register. As you may already know, the News Register is held in high regard by many of us who enjoy reading and supporting this local paper. Best of luck to you!

Christmas has Talons


The NR plummeting subscriptions tell a story. I could give you examples but we both know it won't change your mind. Personally I don't want to be told what to think and I especially don't want to have a publication feel like they can get away with only telling part of a story in order to shape public perception.


Talons – as noted above, I disagree. I have not seen any evidence to support an effort “to shape public perception“ nor do I believe they have the intention to do so. And where did you get the idea that subscriptions are “plummeting?” Got facts?

Just curious, why do you subscribe to and read the N/R given your highly negative opinion of this invaluable local resource?


tree. talons is what my dad used to call 'a whiner' someone who loves to complain and criticize and argue for the joy of it. entertainment and if there is a response or an argument all the more fun. this comment section is a perfect venue.

Christmas has Talons

Tree Farmer,

Ok I'll give you an example remember Jim Weidner's final campaign race I think it was in 2014? Around the time of the election a man with the same last name stabbed someone in McMinnville and having endorsed Weidner's opponent the NR ran the stabbing story in the front page with the headline being something like( Weidner arrested for stabbing) Weidner being in caps.Of course not the guys first name. That was just one blatant case of electioneering or the attempt to do so by. NR.

You seem authentic and respectful in your request for information so there's an example. There are so many I can't count. As for proof of declining subscription numbers the NR has stated the need to reduce staff and discussed declining numbers in their own rate hikes. NOw if you really do care please fact check me.

Ossie Bladine


Loss of subscriptions has little if anything to do with staff reductions over the last decade. It's all about ad dollars. First, online alternatives caused classified revenue to plummet. The Great Recession of course caused ad budgets to drop, especially for small businesses. National businesses moved their inserts from local newspapers to national mailer products -- not because they're more effective, but because their centralized and less communications needed. And of course social media advertising became the hot new thing, attractive for its low entry point -- in other words, cheap.

In 2019, our circulation numbers increased from the previous year. I think subscriptions are still down from the peak many many moons ago, but I'm confident we'll get back there.

This newspaper's audience remains strong. We have great communities with myriad civically-minded residents to thank for that.

Unfortunately, some people prefer to naysay and claim that "Nobody reads the newspaper anymore." If that were the case, I wonder who the heck we're mailing all these issues to twice a week? And what in the world are people doing with all the copies sold from the racks? There's only so many fires that need started and fish needing to be wrapped. Surely some of those must be being read.

Ossie Bladine

Ossie Bladine

... And, as always, thanks for reading. No matter how much someone disagrees with content in the paper, I appreciate their attention to local matters.

Jeb Bladine

You've got some kind of memory, Christmas. In case others might want to fact-check, here are a few bits of information:

It was 2008, not 2014. It was Jim Weidner's first campaign, not his last. It was a woman, not a man, who stabbed that 16-year-old with a butcher knife. The same month, April 2008, her husband was sentenced to 48 years for child sexual abuse, so the 2 Weidners were well-known to our readers.

In June, after Jim won the primary election -- yes, we did endorse another candidate -- the female Weidner drew more charges for a jailhouse attack. The resulting 1-column headline did in fact include her last name, but not in caps. Perhaps you're remembering the all-cap "WEIDNER" under the accompanying photograph of an obvious female with long blond hair.

The newspaper endorsed Jim Weidner for the Legislature in 2012 and 2014.


Thanks Ossie and Jeb. Your statements, and documentation to set the record straight, are appreciated. I’ve said it before but I want to repeat myself. With small hometown publications going out of business all over the country, your devoted readers applaud and appreciate your continuing efforts to cope with the challenges and demands of this business. (I am confident I speak for a large majority.) We are grateful!


I always find it amusing when facts are presented to ruin a good rant.....Thanks Jeb!....we need more facts these days!


I am so pleased Talons asked to be fact checked. It must suck to have it be so obvious the facts do not serve your argument. We need some more of the ‘whiners’ to come to the defense of poor Talons. The Yamhill county ‘whiner’ community must stick together!


Almost forgot, thank you Jeb and Ossie.


It is a good paper albeit it very leftist. And I’ve enjoyed the back and forth on these forums. I’ve moved out of the area and will let my subscription lapse now and will raise ruckus with the local newspaper instead. I wish they had a service that combined several local newspaper digital subscriptions into one. I like to see what’s going on throughout the whole Portland region not just in the Oregonian....


Adios, muchacho....

Longmire fan

So which spelling is it? The one under her photo and also on her name plate or the one in the caption under the large photo of her at her desk (with the nameplate).

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