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Senior bowling scores

Thursday Senior Hobblers JAN 2


High game scratch: Hot Hands, 697.

High series scratch: Hot Hands, 1891.

High game scratch: Gene Langue, 234; Gordon Winter, 213; Mike Roberson, 210; Johnnie Williams, 204.

High series scratch: Gene Langue, 554; Gordon Winter, 530; Charlie Burdon, 520; Bill Mitchell, 520; Roger Miller, 507.

High game scratch: Judy Freeman, 166; Sassy Spurgeon, 161; Diana Jones, 154; Barbara Bauer, 146.

High series scratch: Diana Jones, 432; Judy Freeman, 431; Sassy Spurgeon, 398; Carol Shepko, 382.

Star Bowlers of the Day

Thursday Citizens Hobblers JAN 2

Bowling over Game Average

MEN: Gene Langue, 234 (66 pins over game average)

WOMEN: Sassy Spurgeon, 161 (33 pins over game average)

Bowling over Series Average

MEN: Charlie Burdon, 520 (61 pins over series average)

WOMEN: Sassy Spurgeon, 398 (14 pins over series average)


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