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Sheridan manager, council talk water

SHERIDAN - City Manager Frank Sheridan led a city council discussion at this month's regular meeting related to a proposed project to replace water lines on portions of Southeast Schley and Grant streets.

Sheridan will secure cost information in the event the council wants to move forward with replacing 600 feet of eight-inch line from Harney Street to Grant or on Grant from Schley to Clark, a distance of 1,000 feet.

The water line that serves Schley, south of Sheridan Road, is a four-inch steel line, Sheridan wrote in a report to the board. The line is weakening, resulting in leaks.

That line runs 260 feet from Sheridan Road to Grant, where it makes a 90-degree turn onto Grant. That turn has sprung its second leak. There has been a staff discussion whether to replace the lines or just keep patching the failing lines. The public works department issued a request for proposal for a small waterline replacement project.

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A 12-year-old Water System Master Plan that identified nine medium-term projects included the Clark/Grant/Harney/Schley work. Lots on Grant that were thought to have been eyed for the construction of apartment dwellings have been purchased by a developer who has other plans, Sheridan reported to the council.

"It appears there is little probability of adding a great number of users to the water system in that area," Sheridan told the council in his report. "Regardless, the four-inch line does not provide good service to the houses and is not acceptable for fire protection. The four-inch lines, at least the one on Schley, appear to nearing the end of useful life."

In other business, the council approved spending $26,960 for the replacement of equipment in the library's HVAC system, and $5,500 for weed control for two sewer lagoons.

True Temp Heating & AC, LLC, of Dayton will do the HVAC work and Nick's Timber Services, Inc., of Willamina will handle the weed control project.

Four bids were received for the HVAC work. Two -- True Temp and Home Comnfort Inc. of Dallas -- included a line item for electrical work. However, it has not been determined if that work must be done.

True Temp has a line item of $3,500 for Stuck Electric of Sheridan for wiring purposes, which would take its cost to $30,496.80, compared to a total bid of $36,463 for Home Comfort, of which $4,000 would be earmarked for the electrical work. Thus, True Temp is the qualified bidder.

Councilor Aaron Baer expressed concerns about spending any money at all on the current library building, given its age, condition and location.

Fellow councilor Rich Cox Sr. said he agreed with that assessment, but "great stuff goes on" at the library, so he's willing to support the HVAC work.

Sheridan has always been a huge proponent of the library. He likens the facility to a community center in the city.

The council will meet next at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 7.



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