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Driver arrested after chase through residential area


A McMinnville man was arrested Friday afternoon after leading McMinnville police on a high-speed chase through town.

Paul Anthony Bonds, 26, was booked into Yamhill County Jail on $27,500 bail on charges of felony attempt to elude in a vehicle, misdemeanor attempt to elude on foot, reckless driving, driving with a revoked license and second-degree criminal mischief.

Police said an officer tried to stop a blue Honda Civic for a speeding violation on Southwest Fellows Street about 3:11 p.m.

Instead of stopping, police said, the Honda accelerated and began running stop signs. The driver lost control, crashed into a curb and through the front yard of a residence in the 1600 block of Southwest Apperson Street, then continued to elude through the surrounding neighborhood.

The driver stopped the damaged vehicle and fled on foot, police said. An officer chased him with assistance from Yamhill County Sheriff's deputies.

Bonds was taken into custody in the yard of a residence on Southwest Fellows Court.

Police said the owner of the Honda said Bonds, his friend, had been performing some mechanical work on the car. Bonds was charged with criminal mischief because of the damage to the vehicle.





This guy is only one of the dozen idiots in McMinnville to constantly tailgate,I t seems to be a new sport around.


I love complaints about tailgaters and other “aggressive drivers.”

By far, the Pacific Northwest collectively boasts the least-skilled driving I’ve ever seen. Whenever I describe people I encounter on Northwest roads as “bad drivers,” I’m pummeled by sputtering Oregonians and Washingtonians who indignantly inform me the driving is much worse on the East Coast, in Southern California or in any number of other places. I’ve lived and driven in those places. By “worse” Northwesterners mean “aggressive, chaotic and fast” and they’re not wrong. But locals fail to realize that the timid, halting, white-knuckle-terrified-at-35-m.p.h. driving celebrated and taught here is maddeningly inefficient and dangerous in its utter lack of skill.

Every time a local traffic accident occurs, a flurry of earnest McMinnvillians post grave admonitions against speed on YamCo Watch. “People need to slow down!!!!” they say with many exclamation points and no knowledge of what occurred, just a holy certainty it must be speed. No, it couldn’t be inattention, coudn’t be a panicked mis-reaction, couldn’t be a bad choice to turn into traffic at 2 m.p.h., couldn’t be a boneheaded lane-change, couldn’t be a lack of skill. Nope. Just speed — and people need to slow down!

Slow down? None of you ever drive faster than 45 m.p.h. and you want everyone to slow down? It’s a near-statistical certainty that the folks who visit and spend money in Yamhill County come from areas where the driving is conducted with greater speed and skill than here. You should get used to a little tailgating.

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