By News-Register staff • 

Fraudulent, threatening emails sent

Numerous McMinnville businesses and schools received emails of a threatening nature Thursday morning with a demand for payment to a Bitcoin address, according to McMinnville police.

Emails have been circulated throughout the Willamette Valley.

The emails state something to the effect of "an explosive device” has been placed inside the building, business or school and it demands money be paid to prevent the explosive device from being set off.

The email warns against contacting law enforcement or evacuating the building, further stating that there are "recruited persons" watching the structure for any sign of an evacuation or the arrival of law enforcement. 

It demands immediate payment to an anonymous Bitcoin account.  It appears that the author is not a native English speaker, which is seen a lot in mass scams.  These emails are a scam and fraud attempt. 

More information on identifying and reporting fraudulent emails can be located at



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