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Human foot found at Rogers Landing

NEWBERG -- A person hunting for returnable bottles instead found a severed human foot this morning in a dumpster at Rogers Landing on the bank of the Willamette River in Newberg.

The foot was inside a gray Nike running shoe, which was with other items in a plastic bag. Yamhill County Sheriff's Office officials said they suspect the items may have been part of trash collected by a person or group cleaning up the boat landing and beach. The shoe may have been picked up by someone who didn't notice it contained a foot.

The severed foot is believed to match a foot found on the shore of the Willamette near Champoeg State Park in July.

YCSO deputies and the Yamhill County Major Crimes Response Team responded to the incident.

Investigators are asking for the public's help. Anyone who collected trash in the Roger's Landing area in the last two weeks, or who knows of someone who did, should contact Det. Todd Steele at, or call 503-434-7349.





How do you not notice a foot in a shoe that you picked up?


Same here. I was wondering whether I’m an insensitive person for chortling at the sentence “The shoe may have been picked up by someone who didn't notice it contained a foot.”


No Rumpel, you are not insensitive, I kinda chortled myself after I my eyes bugged out and I thought, "WTH".


A forensic expert I know tells me that it is possible. If enough time had elapsed for the foot to have been skeletal or extremely decomposed, the remains might have fallen into the toe of the shoe. It wouldn't have weighed much, either. Also, if the foot was inside of a sock, the sock would have contained the remains, making them less likely to be noticed. I imagine that someone picking up trash and throwing it into a garbage bag might not stop to look closely at each item.

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