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Crypto, Blockchain topic of City Club kickoff

The McMinnville City Club kicks off its 2018-19 season on Tuesday, Sept. 11 with presenter Kevin Chambers, a managing partner with Headwater Investment Consulting in McMinnville, who will be discussing "Brave New Economies: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain."

As a research analyst, Chambers' responsibilities include capital markets analysis, due diligence research and market commentary. He has a BA in Economics and International Political Economy from the University of Puget Sound, and an MBA for Professionals from Willamette University. He has also worked as a professional river guide in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and the Grand Canyon.

In a May commentary on the topic in the News-Register, Chambers wrote: "Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see the future of cryptocurrencies. From the all-time high in late 2017, Bitcoin and other crypto prices have fallen significantly. They will need to increase their essential value as a medium of exchange to be relevant.

"Regardless, blockchain technology, debuted with Bitcoin, has staying power. The most likely scenario is that institutions will integrate the technology developed by Satoshi Nakamoto into their current systems.

"The financial industry co-opting the blockchain technology was never the goal of the radical Cypherpunks, but they managed to impact our world nonetheless. As we move to a decentralized system of verification, transactions will be more efficient, transparent and more secure."

The program runs from 11:45 to 1 p.m. at the McMinnville Grand Ballroom, 325 N.E. Third St. It is free for CIty Club members, $14 with lunch; and $5 for nonmembers, $19 with lunch. Reserve your spot by emailing or call 971-241-0153.



Bitcoin is down 35% since that May 4 2018 article.

Warren Buffett called it rat poison.


I think you will find that Kevin is far from a true believer when it comes to Bitcoin.
In a recent Kiwanis talk, he termed placement of money in Bitcoin gambling rather than investing. He he indicated he would not recommend Bitcoin investment to a client.
He thinks the underlying technology has a future, thus bears watching. He understands the underlying workings better than anyone I've ever encountered, and has a knack for translating it into lay terms.
I found a recent talk he gave on the subject riveting. That's what led me to commission the Viewpoints piece.
Steve Bagwell, Editorial Page Editor

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