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N-R subscriptions increased

The newspaper’s last rate increase was in early 2016. Since then, said Bladine, a rise in general business expense has been amplified by spiraling health insurance costs. Since July, he said, a nearly 25 percent increase in the price of newsprint has raised the annual material cost of print subscriptions by about $5.

New rates are $33 for three months, $60 for six months and $97 for 12 months for in-county mail delivery. The EZ Pay rate, however, is being reduced from $9.75 to $9 monthly — an 18 percent savings for the three-month rate.

“Readers making auto-payments by credit card or bank account transfer get uninterrupted service with small monthly payments,” said Bladine. “The EZ Pay system can be easily managed in a subscriber’s monthly budget, instead of having to pay a large sum once or twice a year.”

For more information, readers can contact the Circulation Department at 503-472-5114.



Will the increase in costs pay for a better grammar and spell check?


Megmaa enjoys not pointing out what he (she?) notices. The coy nature isn't cute; it's passive aggressive.


What about online only?

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