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Bar suspends McMinnville attorney

PORTLAND - Former U.S. attorney for Oregon Amanda Marshall has been barred from practicing law for 90 days because she lied about a sexual relationship with a subordinate. She was also placed on probation for 24 months.

Marshall lives in McMinnville where she has a private practice.

She resigned in May 2015 after it was revealed that she had an extramarital affair with an assistant prosecutor and stalked him when the relationship ended.

The Oregon State Bar later opened an investigation, and the Oregon Supreme Court on Thursday finalized the settlement between Marshall and the professional standards agency.

Marshall acknowledged she was dishonest when initially telling a federal official she didn't have an affair with the subordinate.

Her attorney, Allison Martin Rhodes, told The Oregonian, "We are pleased to finally have this chapter behind us."




A lawyer in trouble for lying?

Weird. Thought that’s what they got paid to do.


There will always be consequences for certain illicit actions. Think twice people...


Her husband is Yamhill County Judge Ladd Wiles.

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