Steve Bagwell: Please drop us a line

We receive scores of comments online, but not so many in print.

Maybe it’s the ease of posting. Maybe it’s the instant gratification. Maybe it’s the anonymity. Maybe it’s just the way we communicate these days.
However, let me make a pitch for print.

Online, you connect only with the portion of our reader base registered for online access. In print, you join all 7,500 paid subscribers, plus others in their home or office environments who share their copy of the paper. That serves to multiply your audience many times over.

It’s equally easy, requiring nothing more than whipping off an e-mail to letters@newsregister.com . We require a full name, address and phone number for identity verification, but publish only your name and hometown.

If you like, you can use an electronic form we provide on our home page at newsregister.com. To call it up, choose “Opinion” from the dropdown menu in the top left corner, then click on the “Submit a Letter” hotlink.

Or you can ditch pixels for ink on paper, and opt either for personal dropoff or postal delivery. As long as you hail from our circulation area, we’ll welcome a letter just about any way you can get it to us.

We limit letters to 300 words and writers to once a month. Within that framework, we try to be as accommodating as possible.

So write away. We’ll keep the welcome mat out for you.

Steve Bagwell is the News-Register’s editorial page editor.


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