Rockne Roll/News-Register##Traffic on Phase 1 of the Newberg-Dundee Bypass near Dundee, pictured on the route’s opening day, Saturday.
Rockne Roll/News-Register##Traffic on Phase 1 of the Newberg-Dundee Bypass near Dundee, pictured on the route’s opening day, Saturday.

Video: Take a trip on the bypass

Haven't made a trip along the Newberg-Dundee Bypass yet? Take a tour with the time-lapse video below from opening day, Saturday, Jan. 6.



I've only used it when its dark, both in the morning and in the evening. Nice to see it in the daylight!!! :) I can get to Woodburn from Dayton in 33 minutes. Better than the typical 40+ minutes before the bypass!

Mac Native 66

Thank you to the N-R staff member who took the video. For me, I'll only be using the by-pass four times a year when I go to Woodburn.


Loved this video tour! Thanks


Nice job, N-R! Looks like an easy and pleasant drive.

Now if only we could get Oregonians to consider driving faster than 45 miles per hour, we might be able to enjoy a tiny measure of real efficiency on our (mostly) country roads. But I'll wager at least one reader will scold me for my reckless reasoning, stating that things are already moving way too fast for his or her comfort and safety.

Oh well. I guess a citizenry that earns international mockery for its terror at the thought of pumping its own gasoline can't be expected to lose its turnpike timidity in a single generation. Meanwhile, I'll continue to drive with speed and skill, secure in the knowledge that those I'm passing will find it nearly impossible to flip me off. Doing so might require them to release their white-knuckled death-grips on their very-slow-moving steering wheels, a risk almost as dangerous as operating a gas pump.


Driving with speed and skill?

Oh please. Hilarious.


Trafik--you realize the fragile elderly and rowdy teenage demographic will only blow themselves--and others--to smithereens if forced to grasp a nozzle. Remember, if you will, the tortoise and the hare. Wise man, Aesop.


There, there, Denise.

While an enormous gulf separates a skilled driver from a speeding moron, I'll concede the difference isn't always apparent to the bumpkin out for a sedate Sunday drive. The 45-ers seem to make little distinction, often labeling those who exercise deftness and skill behind the wheel "aggressive drivers," "a-holes" or "Californians."

I certainly don't encourage back-road boobery on our brand new bypass, but the glacial pace of Oregon traffic begs at least a glance at ways to improve efficiency. Fortunately, the bypass offers one immediate gain.

And, Lulu, at least Oregon's new tobacco requirements will ensure granny's the only one smoking while she pumps her gas. Your odds just got better by half.


Call me an old fogey, but I don't want to pump gas. I would much rather stay in my truck and not smell like gasoline....and, I like to see Oregonians working and paying their own way. If you think you'll save money by pumping your own just ain't gonna happen. We will all pay for those that are unemployed when the special interests take this statewide.

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