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Officer shoots loose dog; owner disputes account

A McMinnville police officer shot and killed an 18-month-old Labrador retriever around 9 a.m. Wednesday, Nov.8, claiming the dog was attacking him.

One of the black lab's owners, Christian Duran-Estrada, 18, said he finds that hard to believe.

He said the dog, which got loose in the company of its mother, had never displayed any hostile tendencies. "He's more playful than aggressive," he said.

Duran said he woke up to the sound of a gunshot. Going outside, in the 700 block of Northeast 19th Street, he saw his younger dog Aso lying dead in the street. But he said the officer pumped additional rounds into the dog anyway.

McMinnville Police Chief Matt Scales said that's not true.

The officer fired three shots, Scales said. The first shot missed, but the second and third shots inflicted fatal wounds, he said.

"With the dogs' sudden aggressive behavior toward this officer, and with minimal time to react to a simultaneous attack from the two dogs, the officer was forced to fire his sidearm at the closest aggressing dog," Scales said. He said that dog was within two feet when it was hit.

At that point, the stories differ.

Duran said the dog was clearly dead, but the officer fired two more shots. Police said it took three shots to drop the dog, after the first missed.

Duran said the mother and son canines are normally confined in a fenced backyard. He said he had no idea how they got loose.

Neighbors have never complained about them, he said.

For more, see the compete story in the Friday print edition of the News-Register.



No pepper spray?....

Bill B

A vicious Lab? I doubt it.


I agree with Bill B. a vicious lab? I seriously doubt it. I am horrified at the outcome.


I'm with you tagup...where was the pepper spray? Sounds like overkill too me if you will excuse the pun.


It's worrisome when the first option is to draw a firearm......


I would be interested in hearing more details.
For instance, why was the officer out of his car in a residential area early in the morning?
Another good question: How many hours of training do police officers receive in how to interact with dogs? Recognizing aggressive vs more passive breeds, recognizing and reading different types of behavior...that sort of thing.
Also, is their anyway the NR could provide a link to the police report?


It is very unlikely that a pure bred lab, raised and socialized by a person who knows what they are doing, would be aggressive. But I have seen plenty of labs and/or lab mixes raised improperly that can be pretty aggressive.


Did this happen on October 8 or is that a typo that should say Nov 8??


This happened yesterday, November 8, 2017

Paul Daquilante

Joel2828 . . .

The date has been corrected. Thank you for pointing that out.

Paul Daquilante / reporter


I was driving on Lafayette (sp) when the dogs were crossing Orchard. A man was pulled over, I believe to corral the dogs but they kept runnging down the sidewalk, not out in the street. It was two black labs seeming to be having fun, not aggressively hunting. Too bad the officer couldn’t tell the difference between aggression and most likely fun. I hope this doesn’t turn into another changing story like our other local vet tech dog killer has.


On a related note...The officer said the dog was within two feet when he fired.....and missed?...from two feet?...C'mon man, get to the range for practice.

Bill B

Given the comments so far, it would seem reasonable for the News Register to request a full accounting of the facts as well as the status of the MPD's investigation. There will be an investigation, won't there?


Strong recommendation:
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This incident will not simply fade away on its own.


I see all the Monday night quarterbacks who weren’t there nor have any idea are squawking about what they don’t know.

Perhaps they’d like to serve and protect and put their lives on the line?

Yeah, doubt it.

Keep your dog under control or suffer the consequences.


Citizens have every right to ask questions when an officer uses his firearm. You must admit that the circumstances warrant some explanation.


The Nicole Wood School of Dog Control, in which no one can testify against you and the recidivism rate remains zero.
Shoot first (or second, or third) and dummy up.


I could be wrong, but wasn't there some discussion of animal control being turned over to local police? Is this how they plan on handling free-roaming dogs and lost pets?

Bill B

Mudstump you are correct. Yamhill County no longer has a dog control department.This incident in my opinion is what will continue to happen if we have untrained personnel try to control and deal with family pets. Not sure what weapons police officers are equipped with but my guess is that they have something a little less lethal than a gun,


On Yamco watch several other persons that stated the dog was aggressive!!

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