Letters to the Editor: October 13, 2017

Ban airliners, too

I couldn’t agree with you more about your call for more gun control laws following the recent tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas.

As a matter of fact, I’ll go even further and advocate for more laws to prevent all mass murders, such as the ones perpetrated on Sept. 11, 2001. Not only should we enact more laws to restrict the rights of citizens to acquire firearms, we must also include in those laws restrictions to lessen the possibilities of such a mass casualty list as that of 9/11.

We must immediately prohibit all airline companies from using any aircraft capable of carrying the quantities of fuel such as those that struck the twin towers.

There’s no reason a sane person should ever have need of possessing any more than a couple hundred gallons of fuel, nor transporting more than half a dozen passengers at one time.

Just think, how many lives would have been saved had the twin towers only been hit with just a couple of Cessnas?

Let’s not stop there, though: The people who hijacked those jets on 9/11 were Muslims with dark complexions, so we must also prohibit anyone with a “dark complexion” or who practices the religion of Islam from using our “new and safer” six-seater Cessna fleet.

If you agree with me, please, take my hand and join the Democratic Party now — or at least become a member of the Antifa movement, and together we can abolish freedom, repeal the Constitution and finally feel safe.

Warning: Any person not already a member or with an IQ above seven who wishes to join the abovementioned organizations must agree to a lobotomy.

Dale Lux




There is nothing quite as dreary and as tedious as gun rights advocates earnestly laboring to be sarcastic. Just make your argument. Of course, once you eliminate the hyperbole and illogically applied reductio ad absurdum, there isn’t much of an argument left; that could be a problem.


I think you may have succumbed to a fit of hysterics Dale.


Do not leave Willamina.


Since 2000...Las Vegas 58, Orlando 49, Virginia Tech 32, Sandy Hook 27,San Bernardino 14, Fort Hood 13,Binghampton NY 13, Wash.Navy Yard 12,Aurora Colorado 12,Kinston Alabama 10,Umqua CC 9, Charleston SC 9,Red Lake HS Minnesota 9...the list goes on....hyperbole??

Horse with no name


You nailed it.

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