Oregon Department of Transportation photo##Aerial view of Phase 1 of the Newberg-Dundee Bypass from the south terminus looking north.
Oregon Department of Transportation photo##Aerial view of Phase 1 of the Newberg-Dundee Bypass from the south terminus looking north.
By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

ODOT and Parkway Committee planning bypass viewing party

Members of the state Department of Transportation and the Yamhill County Parkway Committee are planning a festival a few months before the scheduled completion date to give people a chance to see an up close view of the first phase of the Newberg-Dundee Bypass.

They formulated tentative plans Thursday, deciding late September would be a suitable time, with the weather likely to still be dry and enough of the work completed to let people walk and bike selected stretches.

Senior Project Leader Kelly Amador, Public Information Officer Lou Torres and Kristen Kibler of JLA  Public Involvement for the Newberg-Dundee Bypass told the committee ODOT also plans to host a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony in December or January, when the bypass is opened for use. However, they said it seemed a good idea to also let interested members of the public get a look in advance.

Amador said the department doesn’t want to hold a ribbon-cutting too far in advance, because that tends to frustrate prospective users. But winter weather is likely to be less conducive to a day of walking or bicycling the new roadway than early fall weather, she said.

Torres said the department held a similar event for at least one other major construction project, and it drew several hundred participants.

Plans for the festival day will be refined over the coming weeks, but there was talk of information kiosks, a 6k run, food vendors and live music. People could bring picnic lunches or enjoy taking photographs of fall scenery from a unique vantage point overlooking the cities of Newberg and Dundee, officials said.

It will also be important, Amador and Kibler said, to give neighbors, who have lived with the noise, mess and congestion for two years, to view without having to dodge traffic.

Amador told the committee the first phase is scheduled for completion by the end of the year, and a connection to Wilsonville Road would follow by 2020.



I hope it includes an overpass over the top of hwy. 219. Whoever decided to put the dogleg in and cutoff the past access to Wilsonville Road was nuts. One intersection on 219 would have been much better. Now there's two intersections that totally mess up hwy 219 and create a brand new problem. All the bypass traffic will pour on to 219 for 1/4 mile or so creating another traffic nightmare. It already has and the bypass isn't even open yet. I guess that's what a billion dollars buys us?

Don Dix

Typical state planning -- relying on favorable weather -- in Oregon! We love Dreamers!