Marcus Larson/News-Register##The 
Bayou Golf Course south of McMinnville on 99W.
Marcus Larson/News-Register##The Bayou Golf Course south of McMinnville on 99W.
Marcus Larson/News-Register##The pro shop in the Bayou Golf Course.
Marcus Larson/News-Register##The pro shop in the Bayou Golf Course.
By David Bates • Staff Writer • 

Bayou Golf Course goes on the market

Partners Terrence Kay and Gregory Brown announced Thursday they were putting the Bayou Golf Course & Estate up for sale at $1.95 million. They are giving the roughly 2,000 members who signed on after they took over three years ago first chance at buying in.

Members were notified of the sale plan Thursday morning. The price per share would depend on how many members are open to taking the owners up on the offer and how successful they are in attracting outside investors.

The course opened in 1964 southeast of McMinnville along the Yamhill River. It features a full-length nine-hole course and a nine-hole par 3 course on 292 acres, along with a pro shop, a recently vacated restaurant space and related facilities.

Most of the course lies in the South Yamhill River floodplain, but three buildable acres remain available for development adjacent to the existing complex.

First Commercial Real Estate Services, based in Salem, has been retained to market the property. Joshua Kay, son of Bayou partner Terrence Kay, is serving as the lead broker.

“We want to keep it in the Bayou community if we can,” Kay said. “We feel confident there is a buyer out there for the course, but we want to do what’s right and offer it to our members first.”

The sale would include the entire property and all equipment. 

Kay said the business is doing well. It has logged a record number of both member and public rounds this year, he said. 

In 2014, facing a decline in golfing interest, the Bayou offered bargain memberships of $175 for three years of unlimited golf, a deal due to expire next week. That resulted in about 2,000 golfers signing up, some from outside Oregon.

The owners had held off on allowing members to re-up, sparking a swirl of speculation about the course’s fate.

Despite the looming June 30 expiration date on memberships, Kay said the owners aren’t necessarily expecting instant decisions. But he added, “We’re hoping to strike a deal as soon as possible.” 

Kay said the Bayou has alerted the McMinnville Economic Development Partnership of the offer, as a means of spreading the word to potential investors. The owners are flexible about a course owned exclusively by current members, or a mix that includes outside investors as well. 

For more information, contact Kay at 503-364-7400 or




Regardless of who buys it, I think the key for the Bayou's long term survival is to embrace it's identity as a blue collar working man's (and woman's) golf course. It's a good course, but it just aint worth $17.50 a round. Set the green fee's at the shockingly low rate of $8 for 9 holes (on the regulation course) and $5 (on the par 3) and let the word get out that their is a low frills, inexpensive, fun golf course in McMinnville... at a great price! That will keep the customers flowing in even without the sweet membership deal from three years ago. Let it be what it really is...the Walmart of golf courses. And price it accordingly. Oh, and go ahead and charge a lot for the carts. The old retired guys that ride around in those things can probably afford it.


Just kidding about the carts.

Mr. Mac

2000 members signed up for the $175 plan. They said it was limited to the first 100 I thought.....

Brad M

Totally agree with Joel. I know a handful of people that are gonna go somewhere else. 17.50 is too much. Lame Sauce.