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Sheridan Fire District voters renew tax

SHERIDAN - Voters approved renewal of the Sheridan Fire District's local option tax by an overwhelming margin Tuesday night.

The renewal was passing 863 yes votes, or 76.4 percent, to 267 no votes, or 23.6 percent in final, unofficial results posted by the Polk and Yamhill county clerks' offices.

Patrons were asked to renew the tax rate of 35 cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation to maintain current levels of basic operation and service for the next five years.

"The fire district greatly appreciates the continued support of the community," district spokesperson Wesley Rolfson said.

"The passing of our levy continuation ensures we will be able to provide the community with quality service, our volunteers with equipment to keep them safe and keep our vehicles and buildings in good condition." 

The district board has determined older equipment, primarily engines that are 20 to 35 years old, must be replaced. A second ambulance chassis is 10 years old and features a 23-year-old box that has been remounted.

Twelve breathing units have been removed from service this year because they do not meet current National Fire Protection Association standards. The 35-year-old main station needs maintenance, as do the Ballston and Buell substations.

The levy will generate $128,903 next fiscal year, $132,770 in 2018-19, $136,753 in 2019-20, $140,855 in 2020-21 and $145,080 in 2021-22, for a total of about $680,000.

In the first year, the district plans to purchase needed airpacks, turnout gear and begin working on building improvements.


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