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Winery owner killed in tractor accident

Howard Mozeico
Howard Mozeico

NEWBERG - Howard Mozeico, who along with his daughter, Jessica, own Et Fille Wines, located in rural Washington County, was found dead late Thursday afternoon under a small farm tractor.

The winery is located at 18484 S.W. Parrett Mountain Road between Newberg and Sherwood. A tasting room is located 718 E. First St., Newberg.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office gave this account:

Shortly after 5 p.m., deputies responded to the winery on a report that the 70-year-old Mozeico was found pinned under the tractor by a family member.

He had spoken with family members that morning and said he was going to do some tractor work on the property..

It's unknown how Mozeico ended up underneath the tractor.




never,never,never operate any machinery without someone close by to have your back,no matter what your age or experience accidents happen,life is such a short span of time,prayers for this man and his family.


Oh I can't imagine the shock and pain of his loved one or ones that found him. RIP Sir....Blessings to his family for comfort and faith.


This is so tragic. So sad for his family, friends, employees and business associates. May God be with them and give them comfort.


A good general safety "must do" is to never ever operate a tractor without a Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) and don't use the tractor when no one is around to help you. Tractors are the number one cause of death and injury on farms. Don't use the older tractors with out a ROPS.

My best thoughts of support go to the family of the deceased.


Mud...ROPS do save lives..... but a seat belt is necessary as well.


tagup - you are so right...I forgot to mention that. A seat belt is a must on a tractor.


A must on a tractor with ROPS......

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