Letters to the Editor: Sept. 23, 2016

Records request goes too far

I am blissfully unaware of the internal politics that were part of the performance review of City Manager Martha Meeker but found the article in last week’s newspaper disturbing.

The review, obtained through a public records request, had some widely disparate comments. The fact that many of her performance ratings were excellent and good and a few poor suggests a personality conflict as much as a performance question.

Both are important, but performance reviews are intended to be open and honest discussions that explore ways to improve job performance. They are frank and personal talks between an employer and employee, not front page news.

Also, because the names of the reviewers were excluded, people were allowed to make very critical statements anonymously. The News-Register makes all this public, and Martha Meeker is not even allowed to respond because she is prohibited from speaking to the press without council consent. How unfair.

The News-Register’s long-standing crusade to make public records more accessible deserves support. But somehow I just don’t think this one should have been on the front page.

Marilyn Worrix

[Editor’s Note: The McMinnville City Council has since given Meeker approval light to talk to the media without first being approved by a councilor.]


Trail project exciting

I began volunteering with the Friends of the Yamhelas Westsider Trail a few years ago because I’m concerned about the safety of bicyclists on our Yamhill County roads.

I’m also excited about creating a connection between the communities along the path of the proposed trail, particularly Yamhill and Carlton with their shared school district and other shared youth and family resources.

In the last three years, dedicated volunteers have staffed trail information booths at more than 30 local festivals, farmers markets and other community events. We have hosted seven public forums and open houses in Gaston, Yamhill, Carlton and McMinnville.

For the three largest of these events, invitations were mailed to all landowners adjacent to the trail using data obtained from the county assessor’s office. On numerous other occasions, board members of the Friends and county officials have met with individual property owners to address their concerns.

While raising awareness hasn’t been easy for our group, at our booths we’ve seen an amazing increase in the number of visitors enthusiastically familiar with this project — the excitement for this trail spanning a broad range of ages and abilities.

Linda Cline


Welcome the Khan family

For the second time in recent weeks, a letter writer in last Friday’s Viewpoints regrets the admission to this country of the Khan family, who participated in the Democratic convention. I disagree!

The parents are highly educated, eloquent and devoted to the United States Constitution. Their son, Capt. Humayun Khan, served with distinction in Iraq and died protecting his soldiers from a suicide car bomb. He was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star.

It seems to me that these are precisely the kind of people whose intellect and character enrich our society and make America great. And if they differ from us in ethnic background or religious faith, so what?

Jane Kristof


What’s best for future

I recently moved from Sherwood to Lafayette. One of the things I looked forward to in relocating from Washington County to Yamhill County was less traffic. Having lived here for two years now, it has become apparent that roads, bridges and general infrastructure need to be improved to support the growing industries that make Yamhill County such a great place to live.

This issue shows us how much our community needs representatives in Salem who understand the current issues our community faces. We need a longtime resident who understands the evolving issues and has the technical skills to appreciate the engineering challenges that will need to be addressed and resolved.

That’s why I’m supporting Ken Moore for Oregon House District 24. He is a perfect fit for the needs of the county. He knows the area, the people and the businesses, and his engineering background prepares him to determine how best to improve our transportation challenges going forward.

Please join me in voting for Ken Moore. He’ll ensure that the wonderful quality of life we all enjoy in Yamhill County is secure for the future.

Tom Reed


They’re not our friends

I watched a documentary about an Islamic-ruled area in the Middle East, and if you speak against Islamic rule, you are beheaded or crucified.

Children are taught in school that all Christians and Jews should be killed. Oil-money textbooks that teach this are exported worldwide. Women have absolutely no rights. They are required by law to wear veils and burqa-style robes.

There is a public square with a large drain in the center where beheadings, crucifixions and whippings are carried out. It’s name is Chop-Chop Square. Most would identify this as ISIS-held territory. They’d be wrong.

This is Saudi Arabia, friend to both Republican and Democratic administrations and home to 15 of the 19 terrorists accused of the 9/11 attacks. Gen. David Petraeus said in this documentary that while their behavior wasn’t ideal, they were our friends and critics should learn to live in the “real world.”

Funny how calls to live in the real world are always calls to ignore our basic morality lest those morals interfere with someone making lots of money. Among many other needs, we need one of the two ruling parties to stop our nation’s support of this barbaric behavior and hateful intolerance of Judeo-Christian beliefs.

Fred Fawcett


Clinton immoral

The Constitution of the United States is not perfect, but it is about as close to perfection as humans are capable. It depends on the guaranteed liberties established by the document and its amendments being held sacrosanct.

Unfortunately, progressive socialists hate liberty and justice. They choose to treat the Constitution as mere suggestions for government made by ill-trained and uninformed ancestors.

I am convinced Hillary Clinton, and her top aides and her apologists, must be devoid of any moral compass. Clinton cannot tell the difference between truth and untruth, between moral and immoral, between responsible and irresponsible, between legal and illegal (even though she has a law degree), between male and female, between ISIS and the Salvation Army, between the Union Gospel Mission and the Clinton Global Initiative.

Of course, if Clinton is God, then her behavior would be reasonable because God cannot lie, cannot be immoral, cannot be irresponsible, cannot be held accountable by mere mortals, cannot be gendered and must be formally prayed to for mercy and guidance.

This would also explain why Barrack Obama never sounds presidential but as speaks as the Oracle of Columbia direct from the holy of holies.
Your faithful deplorable podunk,

David Pittock



The Yamhelas Friends Group are friendly, and put on a very nice elaborate well-attended meetings (by their staff) to give the appearance that planning is actually taking place. They stand up and give a bunch of nice little talks, but when people ask their own questions that are tuff to answer, WE are told "come see me afterwards when we break up into small groups". Why not a public forum? Are these not supposed to be like town-hall meetings where everybody can get the same answer?