Letters to the Editor: July 1, 2016

Abortion is murder

The right to one’s own life takes precedence over all lesser rights, such as another’s privacy, choice or convenience.

Government-sanctioned murder is immoral, and the crime is exceedingly worse when the victims are babies. The deprivation increases when the babies are made to suffer by barbaric abortion procedures and live tissue procurement without anesthetic.

Barbarity once set in motion knows no limits. The death-by-abortion statistic for unborn babies in this country stands at 58 million from the time abortion was legalized in 1973 until the present day. In round numbers, this is about 10 times the death toll from the Nazi Holocaust.

It is way past time to stand up and say publicly this is very, very wrong.

Susan Paz



Beware barbecued bugs

Whatever happened to the good old days when our worst worries on the Fourth of July were traffic jams and wayward fireworks?

A well-warranted worry, according to the Department of Agriculture’s Meat & Poultry Hotline, is food poisoning by nasty E. coli and salmonella bugs hiding in hot dogs and hamburgers at millions of backyard barbecues. The hotline’s advice is to grill them longer and hotter.

Of course, they avoid mentioning that the high-temperature grilling that kills the bugs also happens to form cancer-causing compounds.

Fortunately, some forward-thinking U.S. food manufacturers have solved these issues by creating an amazing assortment of healthy and delicious veggie burgers and soy dogs.

There are no nasty pathogens or cancer-causing compounds in these tasty plant-based foods. They don’t even carry cholesterol, saturated fats, antibiotics or pesticides. And they are conveniently waiting for us at almost every supermarket.

This Fourth of July offers a great opportunity to declare our independence from the meat industry and to share wholesome veggie burgers and soy dogs with our family and friends.

Melvin Nysser



Stop arming aliens

Jeb Bladine, you obviously cannot see that the greatness of this country is our strength to defend ourselves.

History shows that. With our loose borders, illegal aliens and non-citizens are able to buy guns. You all are so worried about the gun show loophole. This is a huge loophole that the Democrats need to look at before they say the Republicans won’t do anything.

Stop persecuting the law-abiding citizen and focus on securing our borders north and south. This is Barack Obama’s fault by turning a blind eye to protecting the citizens of this country as he was sworn to do.

The greatest generation did themselves a disservice, spoiling what became the hippie generation. They, in turn, caused this ME generation we have today with drugs and no accountability. Law-abiding citizens don’t deserve to take the heat or get punished and told they are the problem for these mass shootings taking place.

Jeb, you need to get real with your silent moments. Get back to business. I choose to blame it on you liberals.

Betty Eubanks



Exercise rationality on guns

According to the Children’s Defense Fund, a child or teen in the United States is 65 times more likely than a child in the United Kingdom to be killed by a gun. Is it then that we are 65 times more vicious than our neighbors across the pond? Or is it that they have sensible gun laws and we don’t?

Moreover, children are not only the victims, but also the perpetrators of gun violence. In 2015, more Americans were shot by toddlers, three and under, than by terrorists, according to the May 13 edition of The Guardian.

In all of 2013, Japan, with a population of about 126 million but, again, with strict gun laws, had a total of 12 gun homicides. The United States had more than that every few hours.

More interesting statistics: A Pew Research survey showed that 85 percent of the population (including 79 percent of Republicans) favors a requirement for universal background checks for the purchase of weapons. A still higher percentage favors prohibiting those on the “no fly” or terror watch lists from buying guns.

Yet last week, when a group of representatives, including, to her credit, our congresswoman, Suzanne Bonamici, demonstrated in the House of Representatives to at least consider gun safety reforms, Speaker Paul Ryan dismissed the effort as “a stunt,” and refused to discuss the issue. Meanwhile, the Senate voted down four minimal proposals on gun safety.

The reaction of the Senate and House leadership is discouraging and raises the question, are they more responsive to the wishes of the American people or to the instructions of their paymasters at the NRA?

Jane Kristof



Criminalize e-crack

Each week brings reports of a wreck noting one vehicle “... crossed the center line for no apparent reason” — an often-used code phrase describing people playing with their smartphones. Let’s face it. America is a nation of e-crack junkies. A quarter of U.S. auto accidents involve electronic distractions. You can’t drive a mile without seeing oblivious drivers chatting away or texting on their lap while weaving down roadways. Every age group is hooked on texting, Facebooking, chatting, selfies, tweeting, you name it. If their phone burps, gotta grab it.

It’s time to raise the stakes. Oregon’s Legislature and municipalities should increase penalties to fund law enforcement tools and continuing education, ramp up enforcement, immediately notify insurance companies on violators, etc. When incidents occur, increase penalties and allow court-ordered medical and damage payments instead of lengthy and expensive civil jury trials which enrich attorneys.

More potential tools include police seizing phones. They seize open booze bottles, so why not a phone? Drop it into an opaque evidence envelope (so no one can claim warrantless snooping). Offenders pay their fine and retrieve their precious toy at a police station. Repeat offender? Lose the phone plus a thousand bucks. Habitual offender? Fines plus phone shredding and towing vehicles.

The phrase “crack kills” describes a drug user. E-crack kills and maims too. E-crackheads run stop signs, kill children in crosswalks and have head-ons, sometimes exterminating entire families. Demand action from representatives. Your family could be next.

David Godsey



Cartoon endorses Trump

Seeing the political cartoon June 24 depicting the GOP establishment as horrified elephants and Donald J. Trump as a toad, I had to chuckle.

Once again, the News-Register was trolled into providing a powerful endorsement of Trump. To the everyman, laughter and jeering by the political establishment toward Trump by definition strengthens Trump.

In my everyman mind’s eye, there is a caption over the cartoon directed at the present political establishment. It recalls the post-Brexit remark by United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage to the European Union Parliament: “You’re not laughing now, are you?”

Actually, the lionhearted Farage was heckled throughout his speech, thereby making the British everyman even madder at the EU. Meanwhile, brilliantly, Trump, the godfather of Brexit, was on the job, tending to his golf course in Scotland.

Dan Katz




Don Dix

So, according to Betty Eubanks, Jeb is a liberal! Nothing like adding a little comedy to offset the drama!


Betty Didn't you just tell us it is way to easy to buy a gun? Maybe if there were some more checks on who is trying to get ahold of a gun would keep guns from those who should not have them. Why are pro gun people so terrified of a background check? Any one who believes there is going to be a massive wall on our borders with Canada and Mexico is incapable of rational thought. Oh by the way, I had a small headache when I was working yesterday......It must of been Obamah's fault!


Susan Paz--Regardless of how you feel, abortion is "very, very legal."


"To the everyman, laughter and jeering by the political establishment toward Trump by definition strengthens Trump."

Well, fortunately not to everyman, but by all indications to fewer-and-fewer-man. Besides, what's the alternative? Pretend the guy is smart and knows what he's talking about? Take his "ideas" seriously and try to discuss them? Assure his followers that they are really bright people, and hope they might have second thoughts on their own?
All one can do is keep pointing out reality, and hope that enough voters aren't flailing around in the fog politically as helplessly as Trump needs them to in order to vote for him, who just like the Brexit is the solution to not a single one of the problems that make people follow him.


The problem is there are many, many things that are "very, very legal" that are detrimental for a civilized society.

Don Dix

Rumpelstilzchen -- the political establishment is who again? Would they be the entrenched, self-centered system that has only one mission ... protect the status quo!

Trump is an outsider who possibly won't accept that status quo, and threatens to break up the band. So where would all those who have created government largess for their own benefits find such an easy trail to wealth? Hillary isn't about to let go without a fight, and she is the ultimate example of the protected government beneficiary. Remember, the Clintons claimed to be broke when they left the White House ... and now?

Many voters recall how 'the political establishment' always protects it's own by skirting regulations and laws, even to believing to be above reproach (see Kitzhaber). Anything that threatens to dismantle that advantage must be challenged.

So, along comes Trump, stepping on toes, pointing out hypocrisies, and generally, 'goring the government ox'. Maybe the voters would like to see 'career politicians' find real work, and stop flourishing financially off the backs of the taxpayers by doing nothing.

Looking forward to the fireworks tonight and this fall! Happy Birthday America!


Since when does your opinion trump the law?


Don...I find your comment "possibly won't accept the status quo" very accurate. I think people that support Trump are hoping he will do many things that he has claimed. Unfortunately his track record and the way he has handled his campaign speak more to his true abilities.

Do we assume he can run the country if he can't run his own campaign efficiently?

Do we feel confident that his children are competent advisors on world issues?

Do we believe him to be a master negotiator, when he has insulted and alienated the very people he will need to make any deals happen. He is having trouble gaining support from his own republican allies....does this bode well for his ability to be successful in the white house?

Do we assume his stance on trade to be truthful based on his business record of having his products manufactured outside the US?

I think a vote for Trump is a vote for wishful thinking and as the saying goes..."be careful what you wish for..you just might get it!"


As I have said previously, this presidential choice is the worst I have ever had to make. For me it comes down to whom I would want to make the next Supreme Court nominations. If your leanings are liberal you minimize all of the things that make Hillary Clinton not trustworthy and vote for her anyway. If you are conservative you try to disregard Trumps many shortcomings and try to vote for him and hope he presents as conservative. The Supreme Court has much to do with the direction of our country for a couple of generations. These candidates are extremely flawed and will further divide our country.

Don Dix

Is the 'fix' in on Hillary? Simply put, very possible!

Now it can be confirmed, most likely no charges for Hillary, but the FBI stated she was 'extremely careless' with classified info. But Hillary 'promises' not to do it again. Case closed ... end of story.

So, if one is 'extremely careless' with an auto or a gun, and are investigated by the authority in charge, is the punishment for that carelessness a pledge to not do it again? I don't think so!

If careless action by everyday citizens cause death or injury, they will be required to appear before a judge or jury to evaluate the extent of responsibility for that 'accident'. Restrictions, fines, and possibly jail time are the result of a guilty decision in that case of carelessness.

The American people can clearly see (if they desire to look) that the politicians in DC are subject to a completely different set of rules. Does Chappaquiddick ring a bell? Watergate? Did Marilyn Monroe really commit suicide? These and many more 'incidents' litter the government's history of looking the other way when political figures are caught in a bind.

That realization of favorable treatment for 'important people' is why voters are looking for a fresh approach to government. At this point, public officials are part of an exclusive club with far fewer boundaries afforded to regular citizens, and those politicians take full advantage of the situation.

Trump may not be what he says he is, but then Hillary also told us she never used private e-mail for classified material, until it was found she did that exactly.

The choice (between the two) is a ball of sh*t. Too bad there isn't a way to wipe away both and start over!


Sorry Mr. Policeman my intent wasn't to drive over the speed limit and hit someone while under the influence of alcohol. I would never do it again. Can we just drop the case?

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