Letters to the Editor: April 1, 2016

Support schools

I’ll keep this short and simple: Please support McMinnville schools and our entire community by voting yes on the school district facilities bond in May.

Without changing our current tax rate one penny, this bond will add important security upgrades to our schools, keep our community school buildings safe and in good repair, make needed improvements to our more seasoned buildings and open up a dedicated, state-of-the-art career pathway and technical center at the high school. As a parent, local business owner, physician and citizen of McMinnville, I see every day the benefits to our community that our local schools bring. Voting yes on the upcoming bond will bring about necessary changes and expanded opportunities to our children, and all without raising our tax rate. It’s a no-brainer.

Scott Schieber



Trump keeps winning

It was already over for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio when those two “geniuses” blamed Trump for the far-left Brown Shirt attack that shut down Trump’s rally in Chicago. Good free press for Trump, who took 51 of 65 Illinois delegates versus Cruz’s nine, Kasich’s five and Rubio’s zero.

Cruz went full-stupid by blaming Trump’s Monday comment that the United States should withdraw from NATO for the outrage in Brussels. Good free press for Trump. Trump took all 58 delegates in the Arizona primary, but lost badly in Utah’s ballot-stuffing caucus. The prize for stupidity goes to Cruz supporters. They don’t understand that it’s over for Cruz. Trump is gliding in on the skids greased for Jeb Bush. Even if Cruz wins Wisconsin, for example, the loss for Trump will be a win for Jeb, or the likes of Jeb, in a contested convention.

Dan Katz



It’s just common courtesy

If I hear “politically correct” one more time in all the Republican rhetoric, I may scream.

It seems to be the catch phrase for Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. When they say “politically correct,” it is their way of rousing the ire of the audience and berating those silly liberals who dare to challenge them.

If we are offended by Trump’s adolescent behavior, for example, we are being politically correct. Just one time I would love to hear someone in the media challenge Cruz or Trump to define what they mean by that word. Politeness? Inclusiveness? Being nice? Considering others? When did these become dirty words?

Here is a definition which might help: Political correctness is a term which, in modern usage, is used to describe language, policies or measures that are intended not to offend or disadvantage any particular group of people in society. In the media, the term is generally used as a pejorative, implying that these policies are “excessive.” (Well, truthfully, a few can be; a blanket label?)

Wikipedia states that “liberals argue that conservatives have their own forms of political correctness, which are generally ignored by conservative commentators.” Now, that’s interesting. Let’s keep tabs on how many times we hear that word between now and November and, to keep me from throwing something at the TV, perhaps even make it into a new drinking game.

Carolyn McCloskey



Razzed about RAS

After a long and rewarding career in the wastewater profession, I retired about three years ago. But wastewater still runs in my veins, so it was with great interest that I read the recent article in the News-Register about the expansion of the McMinnville treatment plant.

Unfortunately, there were virtually no details about the technical improvements made. This I can live with, but using the term “razz” got me laughing. It’s RAS, short for Return Activated Sludge, unless the profession has really left me behind.

Rick Hammond



Be careful with voting

This season’s political campaigning is embarrassing. Choosing the next president shouldn’t be a popularity contest or the evening’s entertainment. This is serious business.

With our votes, we are hiring one of the world’s most influential CEOs — a person whose decisions will affect millions of people. Before voting, one should check the candidates qualifications. We need a mediator who understands economics, stays calm in stressful situations, has been responsible and honest in business dealings, brings out the best in his associates, listens before making judgments, is someone I would want as a boss and is the person I want to represent the United States to the world. Directing our country isn’t a football game where the most head- butting and touchdowns win the game.

Nancy Thornton



Don Dix

Carolyn McCloskey -- 'political correctness' (PC) is either a barrier to speaking one's mind (in plain language), or a tactic used by officials and politicians to avoid speaking the actual truth. The former is a personal choice, and the latter litters the landscape daily.

Don Dix

Nancy Thornton -- Your submission should be a guide to all voters, but qualifications hardly matter to those who vote strictly party line candidates or measures.


I totally disagree with Mr Schieber's comment on our upcoming bond is a no brainer. Is it so easy to ask for 90 million dollars? I feel we need to maintain our schools and continue to educate our kids but to throw 60 million dollars at a 1955 school is not a no brainer. The concept of remodeling the high school for the tenth time just to keep our tax rate the same is not a great business decision. For a little over twice the 60 million we could have a brand new school with all the things we are missing now. The current site does not have enough acreage as it sets now. I think we need to slow down and carefully map the future of our school district instead of voting for a bond that keeps our tax rate the same.

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