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Two arrests made in connection with Plaid Pantry robbery

James Johnson
James Johnson
Michael Patch
Michael Patch


He took less than $100 in cash, which he stuffed into a jacket pocket as he headed to a waiting car on 19th Street. It was allegedly driven away westbound by Johnson.

The sheriff's office, Yamhill County Interagency Narcotics Team and Oregon State Police assisted McMinnville police in locating Johnson and Patch and taking them into custody.





Kudos to our law enforcement officers for a job well done. Now let's hope the courts have the courage to punish them. Somehow I have a feeling they will be right back out on the street in no time.


Would be nice to know more about how it was solved than just "Tips provided by the public and follow-up work by McMinnville police detectives have led to two arrests." What were the tips? Did someone recognize the video images? The patch on the pants? Jilted girlfriend rat 'em out? They drop a cigarette at the scene with their DNA on it? With a little more work this had the potential to be a great follow up story.


Maybe it was "look for the tall dumb looking one."

Paul Daquilante

Joel2828 . . .

This story reported on the arrest of these two subjects based on information supplied by McMinnville police.

They were arraigned Monday afternoon in Yamhill County Circuit Court. Court records are now available, and a more detailed follow-up will be published in Friday's print edition, addressing how they were identified, taken into custody, etc.

Paul Daquilante/reporter


Thanks Paul. Sounds like Friday's story will be interesting.
It seems like it's kind of rare for the police to catch the crooks in these kind of cases (unless they are dumb enough to go back and do it again a few more times)so I'm looking forward to hearing about how they caught them.

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