By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Student charged in connection with threats aimed at Newberg High School

Journal describes desire to kill students, staff with guns and bombs

M.O. Stevens##Wikicommons
M.O. Stevens##Wikicommons

He said he was coming under the grip of a “growing obsession” to launch a bomb and gun attack on the campus and maximize casualties.

Hill was arrested and lodged Monday in the county’s Juvenile Detention Facility on two counts of attempted first-degree assault and one count of attempted unlawful use of a weapon.

He was scheduled to make his first court appearance Wednesday afternoon. He did not appear, but a trial date of Wednesday, April 13, was set. Hill is represented by McMinnville attorney Paula Lawrence.

Responding to a threat of violence at the school, police launched an investigation that led them to take Hill and another juvenile into custody, initially for violating terms of probation meted in previous cases.

Capt. Chris Bolek of the Newberg-Dundee police described developments in the probable cause statement:

Police learned March 3 that Hill intended to launch an assault at the school, harming named and unnamed staff and students in the process. They learned he had described his plans and identified about 20 prospective victims in his journal.

Accompanied by officer Heather Fults, Bolek located the journal in Hill’s bedroom and reviewed the contents. In addition to a planned victim’s list, it included a crude but detailed map, handwritten, identifying locations where he planned to place bombs.

Hill indicated he meant, as a first step, to “take out” School Resource Officer Shawn Moreland. He indicated he planned to chain the school gates shut and isolate intended victims in a “kill zone.”

According to the affidavit, Hill was joined by three other individuals in developing the outlines at a meeting held at Friends Community Cemetery, 500 S. Everest Road, the morning of Feb. 29. Hill brought the journal and one of the other individuals recorded the plan.

Hill added a list what he would need for “shooting up the school,” including bombs, chains, knives, locks, masks and “lots of ammo.”

He followed up by attempting to gain access to his mother’s gun safe, and by reaching out to others in an attempt to obtain weapons.

Bolek said Hill initially planned to carry out his attack on June 17, the last day of the 2015-16 school year. However, he decided to move it up because he feared attendance would be light that final day. He decided to spring his assault within 70 days, which would put it in early May, to insure maximum attendance.

Officers have interviewed about 30 students, counselors and teachers in the course of their investigation. One of the students whose name appeared on Hill’s hit list told them there is no doubt Hill was capable of carrying out such an act.

The school district released a statement saying the police assured staff and students the high school campus would be kept safe when school opened March 4, the day after the threat was discovered.

There was an increased law enforcement presence on and around campus to ensure that would be the case.

“Since that time, classes and activities have resumed as usual,” said district spokesperson Claudia Stewart said. “Counselors have been available to students and the school has continued to communicate with parents and staff as they were able, including the fact that the students in custody would not be returning to campus.”

She said the high school follows policies and procedures designed to ensure safety, and to partner with police in that endeavor.

“School safety is one of our highest priorities and most important responsibilities,” Stewart said. “School staffs continue to assess and look for ways to increase and improve safety at all Newberg schools.”

Capt. Jeff Kosmicki lauded the district administration for the support it provided as the investigation unfolded.

“We were able to work together to avoid this potential tragedy,” he said.

“We take the safety and security of our schools very seriously. No one has a right to threaten that safety.”



This kid has no business walking around free. He needs to be excluded. There's no cure for what he has.
And I wonder--where were the parents when all this plotting was going on?


Gun enthusiast moms seem to be emerging as something of a common denominator. The mom in this case at least had hers locked in a safe.
Both this kid and one of his sidekicks have probation officers, indicating this isn't their first brush with the law.
I find their plans chilling. They appear to lack any semblance of a moral compass, to say the least.


Lulu, did your parents know EVERYTHING you ever did growing up? Especially in the teenage years. I wouldn't jump the gun....blaming the parents. My guess is they are just as mortified as the rest of us. My thoughts are with the family as well as the highschool students. I knew someone that was related to the shooter of a school shooting within the last few years. Hit them like a freight train that their child was even CAPABLE of such a thought, much less the action.


Good. I hope mom keeps him in there.


Aside from pilfering the occasional Lucky Strike from my dad's dresser and sneak-reading "The Carpetbaggers" while babysitting, the level of my rebellion was not quite to the point of mass slaughtering classmates trapped in a kill zone. This little weasel was already on probation, translating to at least one prior run-in with the law. He had an extraordinary amount of time on his hands to scribble in his journal, plot and plan. Yes, I am saying the parents should have figured something was up with all the secrecy and silence. Think of Adam Lanza's [now dead] mom--"Gee, little Adam's been in the basement with blackout curtains drawn for six months. Maybe I should check on him."
I certainly hope this guy is tried as an adult.