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Woman confronted with handgun in McMinnville park


A woman reported to McMinnville police that an adult male confronted her with a handgun last Friday morning at Discovery Meadows Park.

The incident occurred about 9:30 a.m. After the suspect showed the woman the gun he left the park, located at 1300 S.W. Cypress Lane, in an unknown direction.

He was described as Caucasian, in his early to mid-60s with grey bushy hair, a mustache and wearing glasses. He was wearing a black, waist-length rain coat, tan cargo shorts, tennis shoes and was carrying a black umbrella. He was also wearing a type of black hearing protection, similar to a type used when metal detecting.

Officers canvassed the area but did not locate anyone matching the description. Due to the close proximity to Columbus Elementary School, district officials were notified about the incident.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact officer Steve Macartney at 503-434-7307 or or and refer to case 16-678.




Wait? How can this be? This is not possible. Our city council passed an ordinance making it illegal to have a gun in the park.
Methinks those who crafted our constitution (including the second amendment) were more wise than our well meaning city councilors.


I second Joel2828. It's now illegal to possess a firearm in a city park so this story must be incorrect because criminals are certainly aware of this law.

Horse with no name

Oh wow and somebody was speeding on 3rd street, so why do we have any speeding laws? Those speeders are just going to speed anyway. Methinks ya'll haven't really given much thought to the subject and it shows. That's probably why you're not a city councilor and methinks that reflects well on the citizens of Mac.


Thanks horse for your thoughtful, intelligent contribution to this topic. You certainly sound like a warm and friendly soul.


it is not illegal to have a gun in the park if you have a CHL you are fine. CHL or not, it is not ok to harass people, whether with a gun, a knife or a bat. the behavior is the problem.


Some of us have a problem allowing those with behavioral problems to possess guns in the first place.

And I'm not just talking about the mentally-ill or -unstable. I am including those not-too-bright yahoos who consider it sport to go out to the woods, get liquored up and take potshots at whatever strikes their fancies. I am including those hot-headed rubes who think the slightest affronts to their manhoods are best solved with firearms. I am even including those gainfully-employed men who think menacing their wives/girlfriends with guns is a good way to keep them in line.

If we took firearms ownership seriously enough that we required gun owners to demonstrate acceptable levels of stability, responsibility and mastery I might feel far more secure. As it stands, I find this "guns for almost anyone who wants them" mentality unsettling and short-sighted.


I forgot to include maturity. So that second-to-last last sentence should read "... acceptable levels of stability, responsibility, maturity and mastery..."

Not that I expect it matters to most.


Training, a license,and insurance that a deal breaker?


Anyone wearing a baseball hat backward with the crotch of the pants circumventing his knees should not have access to firearms either.


So... what have you got against catchers on baseball teams...???


Catchers on baseball teams don't drive beater Hondas with no mufflers.