By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

For which we are thankful

It makes us think about the people we care about, those we see every day and those we don’t see often enough. About our health. About what we have, and about the intangibles, such as freedom and love.

“There’s so much to be thankful for. An abundance,” said Kelly Robins, secretary in the office at McMinnville High School.

She said she’s thankful for her faith, her family and her friends. And she enjoys expressing her thanks at this time of year.

“Thanksgiving is my favorite, because it’s about friends and family; about gathering together,” she said, “not about gifts.”

Jacy Hyland of Red Fox Bakery said she’s thankful this year because her family will be together for a “nice, big Thanksgiving. 

“My family was all spread out, but something brought them all to Oregon this year,” she said with gratitude.

Jim Gascon said he’s thankful for his health. Also, he said, as the meat manager at Safeway, “I’m thankful for all the customers to come and shop in our store.”

Mac High junior Jesus Camacho said he’s thankful for his lovely girlfriend. They’re already making plans to open a winery someday. First, though, he said he intends to go to college to learn the wine business.

Shay Bristow, daughter of Ladd and Cindy Bristow, said she’s thankful for members of her family.

“They support me through everything,” the Mac High senior said. “My parents do everything to see that I’m successful. They always put me first.”

Kyle and Stacie Shaver’s three daughters are thankful for their family as well. 

“They feed me and they take me places,” said Shannon, 7. “They play with me,” added Sierra, 6.

Oldest sister Allie, 9, said she’s also thankful for her friends and for living in a great place. But most of all, she’s thankful for her parents and other family members. “They’re always there for us,” she said.

Mimi and Gerry Brodsky are thankful to have a chance to visit McMinnville. “It’s a wonderful town,” Mimi said.

They are especially thankful to have good friends to visit here: Mike and Peg Shea. The Brodskys met the Sheas on Friday evening for dinner downtown.

Amy Hurley-Purdy is thankful for friends, especially friends who can visit. On Friday, she was showing off Third Street to Johanna Hayes, a friend from Indiana.

“This is such a nice little town,” said Hayes, who particularly liked the Merri Artist shop.

The two share an interest in art.

They met in June at a coloring retreat. They got along so well, Hayes flew to Oregon for Hurley-Purdy’s November birthday.