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Drug deal culminates with assault in Sheridan

Mark Chaney
Mark Chaney
Jacob Sones
Jacob Sones


SHERIDAN - Two Sheridan men were arrested Friday afternoon on charges alleging they assaulted another local resident in the course of carrying out a drug deal.

The Yamhill County Sheriff's Office identified the suspects as Mark Gordon Chaney, 27, and Jacob Michael Sones, 26.

Chaney was charged with second-degree robbery, third-degree assault, possession of weapons by certain felons - stun gun - and strangulation.

Sones was charged with second-degree robbery, third-degree assault and possession of a controlled substance/heroin He was in possession of a small amount of the drug and paraphernalia.

They both were lodged in jail on $167,500 bail, pending arraignment at 1:30 p.m. Monday in circuit court.

Second-degree robbery is a Measure 11 offense, punishable on conviction by a mandatory minimum prison sentence.

The sheriff's office gave this account:

Chaney and Sones met the unidentified victim at a Sheridan tavern, and the trio went to a residence on Northwest Yamhill Street to complete the drug deal. That's when the two suspects tried to rob the victim of his money.

He attempted to flee, but was taken to the ground where he was choked and punched. His call for help was heard by neighbors who called 911.

One of the suspects was taken into custody at the scene while the other was detained as he tried to leave in a vehicle.

Anyone with information about the incident should contact deputy Nathan Skaer at 503-434-7506 or at




Some day the "war on drugs" will end, and stories like this will be a thing of the past.


So did the victim get arrested for drug charges?

Robert Lee

myopinon, why would that even cross your mind? He didn't have or obtain drugs. He just got beaten and robbed, and thankfully the thugs that did it are in jail on multiple felony charges.


He went to PURCHASE the drugs Robert Lee...I'm sure there is something about "intent to buy" something to that affect. "met the unidentified victim at a Sheridan tavern, and the trio went to a residence on Northwest Yamhill Street to complete the drug deal"


Thanks to "myopinion" for actually reading the article before blasting anyone!

Robert Lee

I'm aware of what he did. It doesn't make him any less of a victim in this situation. Let's try not to victim blame "myopinion". What you're doing is the exact equivalent of blaming a prostitute for being raped. That thing you're doing? Don't do that.


Robert Lee you watch too much Law and Order. Sure he is a victim of the robbery, but had he not been PURCHASING DRUGS, he would have been fine.


If a burglar gets shot while robbing a house, is he a victim?


Robert Lee - He is a victim that will most likely be charged with a crime.

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