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Newberg release press release announcing Betz's resignation

The City of Newberg released a statement Friday afternoon announcing the resignation of former CIty Manager Jacque Betz. It states that Betz's last day as manager was Aug. 20. 

The city promised to issue the press release listing Betz's accomplishments as part of her settlement agreement. Betz also received six months severance pay and a settlement of an additional $35,000 for promises to not sue the city. 

Betz resigned amid a scandal after she placed Newberg Police Chief Brian Casey on leave as she launched an assessment of the department. She was later placed on leave when officers in Casey's department submitted a criminal complaint to District Attorney Brad Berry who asked the Marion County District Attorney's office and the Oregon State Police to launch an investigation which later cleared Betz of wrongdoing. That OSP investigation revealed that Betz had placed Casey on leave because of a number of complaints lodged against him by current and former officers. 


City Manager's Office
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(503) 537-1206 Newberg, OR 97132
"Working Together For A Better Community-Serious About Service"
To: Flash Alert
Date: August 28, 2015
The City and Ms. Betz reached an agreement of separation
The City of Newberg and Ms. Jacque Betz have reached an agreement of separation. Ms. Betz
resigned as City Manager to allow the City to focus on other issues. She was appointed as City
Manager in June 2014 after a national search for a new city manager. Ms. Betz was serving as
City Manager of the City of Florence, Oregon.
From the beginning, Ms. Betz worked very hard for the city and the community. She was
successful in steering the finances of City to overcome the recent recession. Ms. Betz was
implementing a salary survey to bring equity throughout the organization to unrepresented
employees. She recruited and hired a new finance director, community development director,
and interim human resource director.
Ms. Betz reached out to the business community and the Chamber of Commerce. She was
interested in economic development as well as downtown revitalization. Ms. Betz initiated a
goal setting process for the City Council by which the City could focus on the future.
Some of Ms. Betz's first year accomplishments with the City have been highlighted below.
?,? Working with the finance director, she presented a simplified balanced budget and
internally audited fund balances so the city had a true picture of city finances.
?,? Through her stewardship, the city received a clean audit, financial statements were
prepared and presented in a timely manner, and a simplified balanced budget was
approved by the budget committee and adopted by the council.
?,? The city through her guidance was successful in refunding bonds, which provided a
considerable amount of savings (over $800,000) for the city's taxpayers.
Ms. Betz's success as city manager is reflected in her first year performance evaluation, which
was ready to be approved by the City Council in late July. The City Council met with Ms. Betz in
Executive Session to discuss her performance. As a result, the City Council published its findings
in an annual evaluation finding her performance "between above standard and outstanding."
The complete evaluation can be found on the city's web page under City Council Agenda items
for the July 20th, 2015 council meeting.
The City thanks Ms. Betz for her service and dedication to the Newberg community. Ms.
Jacque Betz resigned as City Manager effective August 20, 2015.



Initially I was ready to jump on this as just another crappy public official who couldn't separate her personal life from her public duties. Indeed, I penned several not-so-nice posts to this effect elsewhere in this forum.

As information continues to emerge, it seems more and more like Betz got the proverbial short end of the stick in her treatment by other Newberg officials. For my earlier remarks, Betz has my apologies.

I'm sure many Newberg residents are grateful this fiasco is winding down and most will likely be content to let the matter die. Maybe they shouldn't. It might be time to examine the old-boy culture on which the Newberg PD seems to be built. Time to police the police, so to speak.

I wouldn't want this sort of high-school-jock immaturity shaping McMinnville PD policy. The current Heidt ridiculousness is enough.


It looks like Ms. Betz was doing a "between above standard and outstanding" job. Further, it seems she was following up on legitimate complaints within the police department and followed proper protocol. Yet, she was canned by the good ole boy network that seems entrenched in Newberg government and it all stinks to high heaven. Too bad she didn't have the backing of fellow leaders. Citizens of Newberg should be asking who will clean up the Newberg's police department and handle the complaints now? Good luck Ms. Betz in your future endeavors.

David Bates

It sounds like an interesting place to work.

Don Dix

David -- Feel free to apply .... but be careful which chain you yank!


HELP WANTED: City manager. No experience required. Reports to city council but will be attacked by other department heads if you find fault with their departments or minions. Must have ability to tolerate public smears, boisterous locker room jokes and tequila. Compensation DOE with generous severance package if you promise not to sue. EOE.


Don't you believe the exact same thing would happen here in McMinnville? It's never paid to be an "outsider."