By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Sheridan due water master plan update

“This (the update) is a preliminary look at the old plan,” City Manager Frank Sheridan said. “It’s going to tell us what has to be done.”

The council approved the plan on a 4-1 vote. Rene Quinones said he did not feel the money was being spent wisely.

An engineer’s update will produce the following for the city, according to Sheridan’s report to the council:

n Review the recommended capital improvements plan in the 2007 master plan.

n A meeting with city staff to discuss which projects in the 2007 CIP were completed since the master plan was adopted, and discuss with city staff other identified water system deficiencies.

n Recommend a feasible improvement project for each newly identified deficiency.

n Prepare an updated list of projects for the CIP, and prepare an updated budget-level cost estimate for each of the CIP projects.

n Prioritize the list of CIP projects into 0-to-five-year long-term projects.

n Meet with city staff to discuss the prioritization of projects and develop a final recommended five-year CIP with cost estimates.

“I don’t see a quality project for $7,800,” Quinones said. “If it were $25,000, then knock yourself out. We have to stop studying. We have to start implementing.”

Public Works Director Kie Cottam told the council he wants to begin moving forward with some projects he has identified. It must then be determined how they would potentially be funded.

In other business, Sheridan’s public works project report included the South Bridge Street railroad crossing, adjacent to city hall.

The much-needed and long-awaited repair is set for the third or fourth week in September. A concrete crossing has been ordered. The city will pay for the upgraded crossing material and the railroad will perform the labor and provide the rest of the materials.

The council will meet next at 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 7.