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Local fire restrictions go into effect

 The Oregon Department of Forestry will increase restrictions on forest activities in the West Oregon District, that includes Yamhill County, due to rising fire danger on Monday, June 22.

The “regulated” use closure is specifically geared to reduce the chance of wildfires starting from public activities in forested areas. The restrictions ban the following activities:

n Smoking in the forest except in closed vehicles.

n Campfires outside of designated campgrounds.

n All open fires.

n Use of motorized vehicles except on improved roads .

n Use of any fireworks and the use of chainsaws .

n Mowing of tall dead or cured grass between the hours of 1 and 8 p.m.

The regulated use closure also requires forest users to carry a shovel with a 26-inch handle and an eight-inch blade, and either one gallon of water or a 2-1/2-pound, ABC-rated fire extinguisher .

Fire season was declared in the West Oregon District on June16. This declaration primarily affects forest operations, such as logging sites, by requiring firefighting equipment on site and the use of precautionary measures against fire.

 The regulated use closure extends restrictions and preventative measures to the public on all private and Bureau of Land Management forest lands in Benton, Lincoln, Polk and southern Yamhill counties.

Conditions in the forest are forecast to be warmer and drier as the summer progresses, and thus increasing the fire danger.

 The intent of the regulated use closure is to limit some of the potential ignition sources of forest fires.

Human activities continue to be the top cause of forest fires.