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Dead horse case solved; owner cited

The owner of a horse found dead April 22 about 14 miles northwest of Sheridan, near the southwest end of Bald Mountain, near Gilbert Creek Road, has been cited by the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office in connection with the animal's death.

Mark D. Ellis, 53, of  Whiteson, identified by tips from the public, was issued a citation to appear in circuit court on one count of placing offensive substances in waters, on highways or other property, a Class A misdemeanor.

The location where the horse was found is the entrance to the off-road vehicle area known as Whip-up Flats. The horse had been shot once in the head and left next to the road in plain view.

The horse appeared to have been healthy and uninjured prior to being shot. However, Ellis said the horse recently went into labor and was trying unsuccessfully to give birth to a breach foal, and he was forced to put the animal down.

Ellis said he believed he could dispose of the horse on public land.

Anyone with information about the case should call deputy Roy Harrell at 503-434-7506 or


Dog Lover

Sicko. If you can't afford a vet and be able to offer vet care, you shouldn't own an animal. I wish there were laws that would hold him accountable for TWO deaths - mare and foal. And then just dump the horse? Great loyalty. Get a fish.


It was a disgusting act. I don't think he deserves the fish.


Dog Lover: I hope you feel the same way about aborting humans.

Dog Lover

@Ralph: I don’t really believe in abortion but do believe that if you can’t afford kids (humans) then you should not have them. And sadly there are way too many humans that have kids that don’t deserve them. I would tell them to get a fish too! Lol And, I do believe that if someone kills a pregnant woman they should be charged with TWO deaths. Hope I covered what you meant.


What does this incident have to do with abortion?

Dog Lover

@Lulu - Exactly. :)


DO NOT OWN ANIMALS YOU CANNOT AFFORD!he should get jail time,the horse and foal died needlessly because he didn't call a vet,that is abuse!

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