Warrants for Friday 11/28/14

Mario Rodriguez Herrera, 35, probation violation/hit-and-run. Clifton Allan Herring, 46, probation violation/fourth-degree assault. Veronica R. Hiatt, 56, fail to appear/second-degree theft and fraudulent use of a credit card/two counts. Christopher M. Hill, 34, fail to appear/invasion of personal privacy. Edwin Michael Hill, 31, fail to appear/felon in possession of a weapon and giving false information to a police officer. John Kevin Hill, 59, fail to appear/first-degree criminal trespass and second-degree criminal trespass. Bryan Hillblom, 43, probation violation/first-degree burglary. Cyrstal Rai Himmelspach, 26, post-prison supervision violation/first-degree aggravated theft and second-degree forgery. Justin Anthony Hoard, 24, probation violation/delivery of a controlled substance. David Paul Holden, 43, post-prison supervision violation/second-degree assault. Gloria Michelle Hood, 23, post-prison supervision violation/possession of a controlled substance. Jennifer J. Hoover, 35, fail to appear/contempt of court. Christine J. Hotelling, 49, probation violation/possession of a controlled substance. Lew Andrew Hoyt 23, fail to appear/third-degree theft-two counts. Dontrel Edward Hubbard, 33, probation violation/endangering the welfare of a minor. Ernest Huber, 42, fail to appear/attempt to elude a police officer and driving under the influence of intoxicants. Noe Cruz Huitron, 26, probation violation/driving under the influence of intoxicants. Jeramey Logan Humble, 27, fail to appear/second-degree theft. William K. Hunt, 49, probation violation/fourth-degree assault. Jessica L. Ireland, 35, post-prison supervision violation/possession of a controlled substance. Zacaria Isidro-Anaya, 50, fail to appear/attempt to commit a Class B felony and second-degree criminal trespass.


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