Gail Oberst

Gail is responsible for producing the News-Register’s Wednesday business section. She chronicles all matter of developments in the business community, including renovations, expansions, ownership changes, location changes, staff promotions and earnings reports. She also writes feature stories about interesting people, enterprises, events, trends and developments, and compiles the section's Along the Street column.

Gail is a fifth-generation Oregonian. She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Oregon and graduate degree from Oregon State University, which creates some interesting situations around Civil War time. She is married to retired biologist Michael Cairns, with whom she has grown children. She's been in the newspaper business off and on since 1976, when she was hired by an uncle to sell ads for his paper, the Western World in Bandon. Gail served as business editor at the News-Register previously from 1999 to 2002. More recently, she filled in for several months as editor of the Oregon Wine Press, a sister publication. In addition to returning as News-Register's business editor, Gail serves as a travel writer for Oregon Coast Magazine and NW Travel, and writes for other publications. Her office number is 503-687-1248 and her cell number 503-871-1242. Her e-mail address is goberst@newsregister.com.


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