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Sheridan Mud Drags results

4 Cyl. Stock 1st: Tom Haight, McMinnville 2nd: Brad Roselle, Grand Ronde 3rd: Brian Mathis, Willamina

4 Cyl. Modified / 6 Cyl. Stock 1st: Daniel Quinton, Lafayette 2nd: Sharon West, Grand Ronde 3rd: Loren Sullenger, Newberg

6 Cyl. Modified / 8 Cyl. Stock 1st: Belinda McElroy, Lincoln City 2nd: Matt Phillips  McMinnville 3rd: Mike Bailey,  Woodburn

8 Cyl Road and Trail 1st: Charles Quinton,  Dallas 2nd: Troy Stout, Toledo 3rd: Troy Ezell, Creswell 8 Cyl. Modified 1st:  Jeff Lockwood, McMinnville 2nd:  Chris Bayne, Lincoln City 3rd:  Clyde Dawkins, Grand Ronde

8 Cyl. Super Modified 1st: Joshua Hermans, McMinnville 2nd: 2nd Place- Shayne Propst, Albany 3rd: Paul Brown, Newport

Open Class – Non-Street Legal 1st: Greg Gandee, Brownsville 2nd: Bob Ireton, Kelso, Wash. 3rd:  Rick Gandee, Lebanon

Powder Puff 4 Cyl. / 6 Cyl. 1st: Sharon West, Grande Ronde 2nd: Amanda Allie, McMinnville 3rd: Lisa Graham, McMinnville  

Powder Puff 8 Cyl. Stock 1st: Reenee Langan, Blue River 2nd: Belinda McElroy, Lincoln City 3rd: Debby Davis , Grand Ronde

Powder Puff 8 Cyl. Road and Trail 1st: Wendy Lockwood, McMinnville 2nd: Lisa Ezell, Creswell 3rd: Kristen Carver, Willamina 

Powder Puff 8 Cyl, Modified 1st: Wendy Lockwood, McMinnville 2nd: Jen Joe Berry, McMinnville 3rd: Dawn Marcus, Newport

Top Team Award: Total Destruction Race Team, Grand Ronde

Wildest Ride Award: Sherry Dawkins, Grand Ronde

Chairman's Choice Award: Jeff Lockwood, McMinnville


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