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OLI is widely recognized in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest for its high quality web printing services

Oregon Lithoprint is best known as the web printing division of a McMinnville, OR-based communications company. It also is the formal corporate name for that company.

Our company has provided printing services dating back to the turn of the 20th century. Today, the press division is one of the region's highest quality web printing operations.

OLI was created in 1963 as a sister corporation to the News-Register Publishing Co. The two companies were merged in 1983. Oregon Lithoprint, Inc. survived as the corporate name, with News-Register Publishing Co. retained to identify the newspaper operation.

OLI's sheet-fed printing services were expanded into web press printing in 1976, with installation of a new Daily King Press in McMinnville. In 1983, OLI acquired Ryder Printing Co. in Portland, renamed it Bridgetown Printing Co., and turned it into one of the region's top sheet-fed print operations. OLI sold Bridgetown in 1996, and proceeds helped OLI build and equip a new web press facility in McMinnville.

Today, OLI is widely recognized in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest for its high quality web printing services. The company gained statewide stature for producing Oregon Voters' Pamphlet projects from 1988 through 2000. OLI printing operations moved in 1997 from downtown McMinnville to a new web printing facility at Miller Street and Riverside Drive, featuring a new Goss Community Press in a 35,000-square-foot facility. Since then, OLI has continued to build upon a long tradition of quality printing services.

Printing Facilities / Personnel

The News-Register represents about 15 percent of printing produced at OLI. An 18-unit Goss Community press provides high-quality reproduction for the News-Register and for commercial printing customers from throughout the Northwest. OLI General Manager Craig Wilson leads printing division efforts that have won state and national awards for quality printing.The printing plant houses about 45 OLI employees, including management, office, sales, pre-press, production, printing and post-press operations.

Oregon Lithoprint is a full-service printer, with printing, stitching, inserting, mailing and shipping services provides to customers from throughout the region. It has a well-earned reputation for quality work and hands-on service to our clients.

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