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Update: Sheridan police services fee measure failing

SHERIDAN - Residents were defeating a police services fee measure in early Wednesday morning returns.

Measure 36-198 was failing by a significant margin, 910 votes, 59 percent, to 632, 41 percent.

"I would like to thank all of you who supported this measure," said Brandon Trombla on the Citizens For A Safer Sheridan - YES on 36-98 Facebook page. "Unfortunately, it did not pass. Very disappointing."

Trombla, the son of Yamhill County Sheriff's Office deputy Derek Trombla, spearheaded a strong effort to support the measure.

"Extremely disappointing and frustrating to say the least," Lorri Maynard posted. "Very sorry. I would think the citizens would want a safer community, but apparently not. So sorry it didn’t pass."

Passage would have expanded law enforcement services contracted with the sheriff's office. A monthly charge of $13.42, effective Jan. 1, would have been levied against each residential and non-residential property in the city. The fee would have been added to sewer/water accounts, appearing as a separate line item on the monthly bill.

Revenue from the fee would have been dedicated to police services. Non-payment would not have resulted in a lien against real property, or discontinuation of sewer or water service.

The fee would have raised about $266,000 annually, enough to add two full-time deputies to the current staffing level of three, including the cost of benefits and equipment.

The city’s 2018-2019 adopted budget reduced police staffing by one half-time sergeant’s position. Sgt. Todd Whitlow no longer works out of the West Valley Substation, located in the city hall building.

He oversees the sheriff's office's four contract cities, soon to become five with the addition of Amity






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