By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Starrett puts focus on property rights, social services

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I wish someone would do a deep dive into her "endorsements". Most of them are from out-of-county, and one of them is her brother from Canby. I wasn't able to even locate one of the PAC's she listed when I went to the Secretary of States ORESTAR site. Starrett is still an actor, always has been always will be. She states how many actions she's been a part of to push back on Salem, but the fact is those "actions" are just meaningless resolutions that don't do anything. I am hard pressed to put my finger on anything that she's done of any value during the time she's been in office. Meaningless rhetoric.


Why don't you do it for us? And, do the same for her opponents as well.


All your children she exists to protect gives me such a warm and fuzzy feeling.
She reminds me of the girl in the fairy tale who spewed toads and snakes and poisonous spiders instead of words.


Much has been said recently in the comment sections, I believe by Jeb Bladine, but I could be mistaken, of the difference between opinion pieces and news reporting. I had to double check where this article fell thinking I had clicked into the opinion/editorial section. I’m sure glad the author didn’t hold her personal opinion back from the opening paragraph, letting me know up front where this one fell. I only wish I opted for the papers home delivery as well as the on line version so I could have something I could physically hold and toss into the trash where it belongs.



Megan - thanks for the link, VERY informative. ....."good Mary/bad Mary," gleeful pride in "ugly" tactics, celebration of an opponent as a "wounded animal" the irony of the "victim" portrayal.....
Absolutely in character, the only surprise is how many of my fellow citizens appear to value these character traits, and willingly pay this person to represent them.

I have voted and will hope Yamhill County has a brighter future ahead.


She was so incredible in her performance in "The Mist" as Mrs. Carmody.