By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Proponents, opponents address Yamhelas trail impacts

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I have to agree that the fix is in. The county will use taxpayer money to pay lawyers to fight private enterprises while they have to use their own money to fight the government. That’s not the American way and is a path our commissioners shouldn’t follow. The next time we have a national crisis and farmers can’t produce enough food the County Commissioners know they started it. If city people want to be in the country then they need to move there or go to the abundant forest land that all taxpayers own. It’s a disgrace to do this to our local farmers.


**The county has not provided the cost to date (of tax payer money) for the trail!**

If you want a trail move near one. Spring water?

This County can not afford to fight (remand after remand) build, maintain and “sweep” up after the campers who will migrate there.

Vote for Dave S Wall 🇺🇸 He will look out for taxpayers vs the 🍷 industry.


The phrase “the fix is in” generally means the process has been manipulated and is unfair ....

Making that statement on the record is unprofessional and pretty insulting towards the other commissioners as well as the citizens on both sides there to express their opinion. It implies that anyone’s testimony from here on won’t be considered and is a waste of time because the outcome has already been decided.....undermining the hearings process is not acceptable
I think Ms Starrett owes an apology....


So Mary Starrett, master of attempts to manipulate, thinks the situation is rigged. Instead of acting like a little kid, how about some maturity and leadership? Her biggest attempt to manipulate is the current election. Drafted and groomed Berschauer, shares a campaign treasurer, donates(through her husband's supposed business) boatloads of money. All to manipulate the Board balance and every citizen in this county. No wonder Yamhill County is the laughing stock of the entire state. If Berschauer is elected, we will have a bigger mess on our hands than we had with Lewis and George - and that was a big mess.


Jim, So the trail going through less than .005% of Yamhill County's grass seed farmland is going to somehow cripple national food production? And it'll be the fault of the commissioners?
Wow!, how this has escalated!

Christmas has Talons

You know you are a liberal when you can't wait for taxpayer money to be used on a freaking trail and raise Hell when small business wants to simply survive.


I can't wait until this trail is done. Farmers can farm and cyclists can cycle. #winning

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