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County COVID hospitalizations jump after holidays

Following the holidays, hospitalizations for COVID-19 jumped 75% in Yamhill County the week of Jan. 6, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to 42 new hospital admissions. In the week of Jan. 13, 39 people were hospitalized.

According to the Oregon Health Authority, the number of patients hospitalized in Region 2 who have COVID has been decreasing slightly. Region 2 encompasses Yamhill, Marion, Polk, Benton, Lincoln and Lane counties.

Nationwide, for the week of Jan. 6, there were 35,081 new hospital admissions for COVID, dropping slightly to 32,861 the week of Jan. 13.

Hospitalizations have been increasing since mid-November, when there were 16,658 people hospitalized. Deaths from COVID in the United States increased 14.3% the same week, and 10.3% the week of Jan. 13.

Rates are at their second-highest level of the pandemic so far, according to wastewater data, Fortune magazine reported on Jan. 5.

Nationwide, 955 deaths from COVID were reported by the CDC for the week ending Jan. 13; the first time since August that weekly deaths dropped below 1,000. However, the counts are not final, as there can be delays in reporting deaths and completing death certificates.

According to the CDC, there have been 217 deaths from COVID in Oregon in the last three months. The OHA reported 48 in the month of December.

The Pacific Northwest generally, and Oregon, have lagged behind a significant surge in the rest of the nation, but rates have been rising.

Some hospitals across the country have re-instituted mask mandates in response to the surge in cases; however, that has not been the case locally.

Testing has been sharply curtailed since the federal government ended its emergency declaration last spring and many people no longer test, or use rapid home tests that are not reported to the state. However, some tests are still being done. According to the Oregon Health Authority, there were 3,608 tests administered for the week ending Jan. 13, with a 10.5% positivity rate. The agency said there were 233 COVID-positive people in Oregon hospital beds on January 16.

On January 12, the World Health Organization warned that COVID-19 levels “are two to 19 times higher than numbers being reported around the world,” at a press briefing in Geneva. The agency warned that long-term effects from repeated infections are still unknown, noting that the world is still in a pandemic. WHO reported that more than 10,000 people were reported to have died worldwide from COVID in December, and that more than half the deaths were in the U.S. However, the agency noted that many countries are not reporting deaths.



Someone who did statistics for the military, to justify the purchase of some equipment, said that statistics can prove anything a person wants. In this article, there is no measure, no comparison. For instance, covid hospitalizations jumped 75%: of what? Also, how old were the patients, did they have co-morbidities, and so on. This type of article is fear-mongering.
Fauci said, in 2020 at the beginning of the so-called crisis, that the chances of healthy children contracting covid were infinitesimal. Now all the children are jabbed. Why? I suspect $$$ profit. And isn’t it Fauci who owns stock in pharmaceutical companies? Isn’t this conflict of interests?
ALL deaths of anyone with covid in their bodies were recorded as covid deaths. Even motorcycle accidents, heart attacks, stage 4 cancer patients.
Wake up! A lot of this is trumped up (pun intended).


Your statement that “All” deaths, where Covid was present, were counted as Covid deaths is (obviously)not accurate. Certainly the judgement of the attending physician or Medical Examiner comes into play, but Many experts in the field argue that the true number of deaths due to Covid are underreported….. largely due to a lack of widespread testing during the early outbreak.

Bill B

fiddler-you might want to find another source, other than social media, for your information. To call this article "fear-mongering" is irresponsible.


Fiddler asks the question:

"Now all the children are jabbed. Why?"

And I think the answer appears a few lines earlier "fear-mongering."

It's part of their job for the N-R to report official statistics.

The real source of any fear mongering is the health authorities.

They inspired fear of a spook.


I see a 75% increase in people not dating anymore.


Perhaps people considering dating are well read:

Report Prepared by:
Worldwide Safety

PDF of Pfizer Report:

Superior analysis by Michel Chossudovsky:


One concerning item:

"Rates are at their second-highest level of the pandemic so far, according to wastewater data, Fortune magazine reported on Jan. 5."

You can bet that the wastewater testing company will find any "disease X" declared by the CDC. And THAT can be used as a pretext to quarantine / lockdown neighborhoods, cities, YC itself.


My concern is that there may be a tinfoil shortage due to the demand for hats.


fiddler has it right:

Huge Financial Incentive for Doctors and Hospitals to Diagnose all Illnesses as COVID-19

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