News‐Register Milestone Policies

When you have a Milestone, the News‐Register's online and printed Milestones can help you convey important information, establish a permanent record and create a lasting tribute.

Milestones appear first online as soon as they clear the approval process. They remain in the News‐Register's publicly accessible and keyword‐searchable archives on a permanent basis. They subsequently are published in the next available edition of our newspaper, establishing a lasting legacy that can be shared with friends and relatives.

Our normal deadline for the newspaper is 9 a.m. Monday for Tuesday publication, and 9 a.m. Thursday for Friday publication. Milestones should be posted here, using our classified advertising system. They are a joint project of our news and advertising departments, and are billed at special Milestones advertising rates.

All Milestones should be posted in the classified advertising system, including photographs, if desired. Additional photographs for print publication must be e‐mailed or delivered as originals to the newspaper.

The principal contact for assistance is:

Classified Advertising


We would be happy to answer questions or provide assistance.

More personalized assistance may be obtained by dropping in at our office, located at 611 N.E. Third St. in downtown McMinnville, during normal office hours. The main switchboard number is 503‐472‐5114 for those wishing to call in advance.

If you plan to email your information into the News Register please create the write‐up in a Word Document and the photos as a JPG.

The cost for the announcement is $10.00 for the first 5 lines, thereafter is $3.75 a line. (A line consists of approximately 9‐10 words). A photo is $10.00 per photo. Deadlines for Milestones submission is Monday and Thursday at 9 a.m.


1) Name of bride and groom, wedding date, where they were married.

2) Information on the bride including where she attended school, what she does for a living, name of parents and where they reside.

3) Information on the groom including where he attended school, what he does for a living, name of his parents, and where they reside.

4) Wedding details; dress, bouquet, colors, brides maid of honor, best man, etc.

5) Reception details, where the bride and groom will or did honeymoon, plans for the future


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