By Dora Totoian • Of The News-Register • 

Who governs us: In Yamhill County, cities seek to broaden leadership

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John J. Collins

Good, positive and informative article. Thank you N-R. I have nothing but respect for everyone pictured. I will reiterate that these folks are not 'politicians' as they do NOT get paid. All of these folks put in many dozens of hours per year and some even put in hundreds of hours per year doing this all-volunteer work. The work of local governance is vitally important. In my experience as a councilor for 8 years, I found that elected councilors of Yamhill County's cities run for these seats and serve out of a selfless sense of duty and service to their respective communities. The councils' work is almost always civil, non-partisan and collegial. The vast, vast majority of votes regarding ordinances, resolutions or rulings are unanimous. A big thank you to all who do this often-thankless work. Cheers.

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