By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Timber Unity PAC denies paying attorney costs for Berschauer

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New developments, intriguing revelations, citizens are paying attention as the plot thickens.


If Elzinga did ‘the work’ on the records requests for Lindsay, why would it not be billed to her at that time? What law firm does that much work for a client and not provide a bill? Lindsay comes out looking very shady, once again!

Bill B

Agreed yamhillbilly2; attorneys bill on a monthly basis.

Tyler C

My heart goes out to Casey Kulla. It must be absolutely miserable to try to get anything meaningful done with two maniacs like Berschauer and Starrett.


Follow the money! Math don’t lie.

I couldn't mark the YES box and get that ballot in the receptacle fast enough!


Vote yes!


I noticed that Berschauer has, once again, exceeded the allowed political sign size. Her yellow signs with her glamour shot attached measure 10 feet long. Maximum size is supposed to be 4' X 8'. But then hey, I forgot, if she doesn't agree with a rule or law then its bad and she doesn't have to follow it, correct??????


Well, “navigator,” if one looks into her past that is the way she has always conducted “business.” Laws and rules are for us ordinary mortals. They do not apply to the occupant of the throne. I continue to feel optimistic that her reign is about to end and our lovely county roads will soon be returned to their unpolluted state.