By Ossie Bladine • Editor • 

Plenty of live music to be enjoyed this summer

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Plus, Turkey Rama's music featuring mostly local tunes, Wildwood Music Fest, Wanderfest, Walnut City Music festival (can't wait to see Helio Sequence literally 1,200 ft away from my house. Also a new addition, Pyrate Llama music festival in early August, held in rural Sheridan on a turn of the century walnut orchard! I still go to Portland from time to time to see bands I love, but we have a vibrant music scene here, with both locals and visitors.

For that I am thankful. As a teenager in the mid 90's, I remember the musical landscape being much more desolate, pretty much the Baby Boomer Band on the 4th of July, and just a handful of other bands. Maybe one day they'll call us little Nashville!

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