By Scott Unger • Of the News-Register • 

Old station, new problem

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The "old" station? As a volunteer fireman/EMT from 1963-1990 when promoting the bond to build the "new" station we were told to expect this to be an 80 year life building. The training area was built near the steel mill. I'm sure no one could visualize the town's growth over this era. It is obvious at this time that 2-3 smaller stations would better serve the town and rural area. Consider the merger, use the current station as 1 of 2-3 others, use for maint, repair, storage and admin.

The rural district $ have certainly been used these past 38 years to pay for and keep up this station and equipment. Throw it in the pot, the citizens of Mac and the rural district have gotten their moneys worth out of this building.

It seems to have already been determined that earthquake upgrades to current standards are not cost worthy.


oldee, too much common sense in your blog. They will bring down the station and build a “nice “ apartment building with an “urgent needed” tasting room. Or probably one more boutique hotel ?

Joel R

I laughed out loud when I read "Built in 1986, the station is reaching the end of its usefulness."