By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Nurses say low staffing creating unsafe conditions at Mac hospital

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Don Dix

Instead of just throwing out numbers and both sides disputing the other's assessment, how about comparing the losses to staff over the last 3 years to how many have been replaced by new hires?


Possibly none? This is a pro profit hospital.


GRM: One of the only two in Oregon.


It becomes frustrating to always hear that WVMC is a "For profit" hospital as part of a greedy corporate narrative. You do understand that the main difference between "not for profit" and "for profit" is that "not for profit" pays no property tax, no tax of any kind and "for profit" does pay those taxes that support the local community and the state. Plus, I wonder if the News Register would like to report on the amount of taxes, charitable contributions, community involvement activities and "charity care" WVMC writes off over the years...the hospital has to make money to keep it's doors open and pay employees and get the best equipment etc. Would you rather it shut down and we have to drive all the way to Salem or Newberg in an emergency?? Most of the 650 or so employees are your neighbors, little league coaches, friends. Remember that the next time you read a nasty article in the News Register about the greedy hospital.


I have always preferred Providence hospitals—the quality and compassion of care is amazing. Staff do not have to worry about the “bottom line.” One can feel the aura of peace. I do miss seeing the nurses in their white habits and daily visits from the priest-in-residence. (I am not Catholic.). The food is good. And...the employees are also members of the community. The big difference is that there no shareholders that have to be paid.


Hey Dad - you're a subscriber here so you can search for this headline from 2013 to see how this narrative about WVMC began: "State: WVMC most profitable, least charitable".


They could staff that place to the gills and it would still be unsafe. Go to Newberg instead.