By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Newberg city councilor reports death threats

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Joel R

Now I'm curious as to what she said in the secret recording. Can you provide a link to this guys newspaper?

Ossie Bladine

Joel, just realized the name of the blog (not a newspaper) wasn't included. I added it above. You can find it by searching for Yamhill Advocate.

Joel R



What? The District Attorney states, "the recording did violate the law" but no prosecution takes place? I agree with Holloman that this lack of action tends to emboldened people to harass and threaten others. Seems like Yamhill County has a track record of this sort of inaction. Remember when Leslie Lewis secretly videotaped Mary Stern? Multiple examples of clear and convincing evidence that a crime was committed, yet Lewis was never prosecuted as she should have been. In her mind, and I'm sure in Martell's mind they are innocent. They got away with it. It's sick.

DB Cooper

The Yamhill Advocate is not a newspaper, no matter how many times he claims it to be.


NCC is quiet because they want her to resign out of fear. This is exactly how a hard right minority takes over govt. This old tactic flourishes in environments with voter apathy that's combined with a local prosecutor holding no one accountable for making threats of death and violence.


Judge Wiles and a jury from MacMinniville thought it was absolutely hilarious when my marijuana bootlegging tenant was actually shooting at my children with a 12 gauge shotgun in retaliation for efforts to evict. Judge Easterday gave one of my tenants' associates from the Gaston Good ol'Boys club a slap on the wrist for shooting dangerously close to my pregnant daughter-in-law while trespassing on our property to poach deer. My sympathy is extremely limited.


This belief that you are entitled to make threats and commit violence because your political candidate didn't win an election will tear this country down. Let's call it what it is....Domestic Terrorism.

Welcome to the new normal: "Former Maga candidate Solomon Pena was arrested and is accused of arranging multiple shootings into the homes of Democrats in New Mexico — and he allegedly took part in at least one of the shootings."


"woman's feelings hurt when accused of conspiracy--using public money for political ends"


remember folks, if a [protected class] commits a crime and you report on it, you committed a bigger crime by reporting on it.