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McMinnville man sentenced for child pornography

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The signs were there even though Champion Team (CT) decided to ignore them and only after discovering the offending material on JVH's phone did they take action. Of course there are privacy concerns, but to offer "free internet" with no kind of security measures is just asking for this scenario to be repeated again and again.

What were the signs?

[1] No accountability

[2] Isolation

[3] Prior conviction(s)

[4] Suspicious activity

[5] No cyber security in place to monitor and prevent this from happening

Of course the 500 lbs gorilla in the room demands that CT do more or offer less if they cannot control the content that their users access. Perhaps in the interest of public safety they should just cease from offering internet access in a carte blanche fashion? There are options available and somewhere down the road CT is going to have to put stricter policies in place to provide a safe environment or we (the public) will revisit this issue again and the next time there may just be more than silent, nameless victims concerned....

CT has became an object of scorn and ridicule because of their policies and the type of traffic that they tend to generate through their front door. When Mac's homeless epidemic was still front page news and not yet replaced by the global pandemic of COVID-19, CT welcomed the transients with open arms and few reservations, even though it drove away those with mental health issues - their original clients. Neighboring businesses regularly complain to CT to no avail, as well as to local law enforcement and even the landlord of the property at 1300 NW Adams - all to no avail. There have been fights, thefts, drug deals, overdoses in the restrooms, etc... going on at that location and still no one calls for it to be closed and those that do are labeled as "intolerant."

Can Mac afford CT? In its present shape, no. Is this how we want to spend our HHS dollars in our community? Surely there is a better way....


The article is wrong CT is NOT anymore a Peer -to Peer facility from what county or state defines it as,its just somewhere to get free or donated food and watch (free to them) Rated R movies and do whatever else they get away with


Mar: That is a good point and it causes one to ask this simple question: Do we need CT and are we going to continue to spend $150,000 a year of our tax dollars on a failed social experiment that brings about no prosocial solutions to an already exasperated community dealing with the homeless. CT's storied history is one worth remembering, but the actions over the past couple of years under Hunter's executive directorship has been regrettable and one we would like to forget, but cannot.

We can do better and we do not need a designated place for those that have already dropped out of society to hang out and do who-knows-what? It is time to rethink pour priorities and move forward, leaving CT in the dust as a distant and unpleasant memory.


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