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LUBA stops trail bridge work

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It’s about about time somebody stopped this waste of money by our county commissioners. They say it’s funded by all kinds of other public money, that is taxpayer money any way you phrase it. The costs of this project will be astronomical. The commissioners have went forward with this project with no master plan and no total costs. They are embarrassed that they purchased property they can’t develop and are trying to save face at any costs. If the wine mafia and tourist industry want this white elephant so bad let them fight the state with private dollars and if they win fund the construction and maintenance of the trail with private money.


The Commissioners were afraid they would have to return grant money if they didn’t start bridge work so they “plow” ahead. Shame on them for not respecting Luba.

*Vote wisely for Commissioner.... two against... one pro trail. Only one candidate mentions the trail in the voters pamphlet.... and I love his opinion 👍

Christmas has Talons

Whoever the no vote is will be the one I vote for. Damn the last freaking thing we need is a trail on a certain percentage of the population can use while we have our own Governor killing small business.
And Stella no one claiming to be a "Republican"like you did on another thread on here would ever "like" Kulla's views on the trail just be honest for goodness sake and own your liberalism.


Christmas 🎄

I’m a Republican. I do not agree with Casey on the trail but I did agree with Bill B that Casey’s ideas on the letter to the governor were spot on. I do not agree with low barrier shelters or taking care of illegals thru some grant the County “missed” - I do agree with Casey on the letter to the Governor.

Christmas 🎄 you need to worry about what YOU think and stop lashing out at others for posting their opinion .

I’m a Republican who shares a lot of the same views as David S Wall, who had cared enough about this costly mistake to actually post his view about the trail IN the voters pamphlet.


I have pretty mixed feelings about the trail. I live within a mile or so of it. I've been on the Banks to Vernonia trail many, many times by myself, with my family, and with other groups. It runs through farm fields for a few miles, then up into the forest. I haven't seen any of the issues that people raise as potential problems. I fully understand why the farmers whose land borders the trail are concerned about being able to carry on their normal farm practices. Too many people show up in farm country and then can't understand why the farmers are spraying. Hello? You're in farm country. On the other hand, some of the farmers are not doing themselves any favors by spewing doomsday scenarios. If the trail ultimately is put in and opened, life as we know it will not end. Frankly, I wish that rail transportation was put back in and the initial use of that right-of-way was restored. That doesn't appear to be in the cards. I think some real leadership is needed to facilitate a way for the needs of both sides of this issue to be reasonably addressed. All the fighting and bullying doesn't solve anything. It doesn't have to be an "all or nothing" situation. We need leadership and reason to rule the day.


I'll vote for anyone supporting this great idea. Farmers be farming, bikers be biking.

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