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Landmarks committee OKs First Federal building

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Another perfect example of to much government control. First Federal has been in this community forever and has done nothing but good for our town yet a bunch of high brows on some stupid committee are dictating policy. First Federal will be the not hurt your precious downtown with anything they do.


I would like to know why they need so desperately to have an entrance for cars on 3rd street. Making a left onto Adams from 3rd Street has traffic backed up enough. Let's not add more congestion on that block. First Federal has done well enough with the entrances it has. I'm sure the contractor is smart enough to figure out how to make it work without a 3rd Street driveway OR I would ask the committee how they plan to "de-congest" that area if they approve the plans as they are.


It’s totally dumb that they haven’t made 1-2 and 3rd into one way streets by now. And what’s up with that no left hand turn on that Davis Street which has a light and Evans is the one with all the lights. I would start with revamping all those low numbered streets and make them into one ways.

Mac Native 66

First off, the photo I Saw, in one of the print issues of the paper didn't look like it would fit for downtown. It looks too modern.

@Greg, The No Left turn signs have been place since the lights where installed on 3rd & Davis and 3rd & Ford streets, probably the late '60 or early '70.

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