By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Homeless man arrested on weapon charge; supporters question process

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Joel R

I support our police.
Mr Bean's concerns about housing and keeping his life on track are understandable, but they ought to be shared with someone who can help him like a county social worker. They shouldn't be shared with the city council or NR.
Mr Bean's life will get better when he takes 100% full responsibility for all of his actions and stops blaming the police and city ordinances. If he isn't able or willing to do that, I'm sure Ms Easterday will provide him with some motivation.


Lying about where he got the gun makes it hard for me to get on board with this guy’s story....If he wants to get his life right the first step is honesty...

Bill B

UH, is this newsworthy?


Repression? Lack of police "repression" got us 4th Avenue and the blocks near YCAP and Joe Dancer. What we have now isn't perfect, but it's way better. And, I pay a utilities tax to fund help for transients.


The gun is not an antique. The antique designation is given to firearms produced prior to 1898. The Dikar weapon is a modern reproduction of a old black poweder arm, and a really bad one at that...


Bill B, I think this is newsworthy. It gives us an idea of how police resources are being used, as well as information on the homeless community and the number of weapons lying casually about. This particular incident is one I could be on either side of philosophically, depending on the exact specifics, and I appreciate the level of transparency provided here. If I'd only heard about this on the street, I'd be fully on Mr. Bean's side. It's the Register's information on his criminal history and the particulars of the weapon (including that provided by WV.AVAS, which I could have Googled but didn't think to) that makes me think the arrest was warranted.

Although I still don't think the police is the answer to homelessness, and we definitely need to do more as a community, the laws on felons and firearms are very simple and clear. As is the penalty for lying to the police. I hope Mr. Bean stops trying to get away with things so he can make better use of the help and support he receives.

Bill B

Seems to me that the News Register should be focusing on the real issues in town; that being the significant increase in crime. Every day we are seeing increases in thefts, fights and some assaults, yet we never read about it here with the exception of the recent article about auto thefts. Why is that?


Is there a significant increase in crime in McMinnville?....would love to see your that the reason for the formation of a new crime unit in Mac?.( which the NR reported)....

Bill B

@tagup "" provides a daily report on crimes in Mac. Not all as MAC PD does not report all events for some reason. Yesterday was the first day in awhile that I can remember seeing 0 events.


Thanks...I’ll check it out....


Seems kinda funny how two days after he testifies in front of the city council about the way MPD is enforcing the camping ban, the Chief has his new Crime Response Unit surround his trailer at 8am and begin yelling his name.


Thank you McMinnville Police Department for enforcing laws. A convicted felon, on probation had an operable firearm and lied about it. Makes everything he says questionable and clear he's not taking responsibility for his actions.