By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Flour mill dispute resolved in tiny cookie details

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good on you mary for finally standing up for what is right


Here's an idea... Rather than moaning about all of the regulations and such, why doesn't Starrett do something about it? She is an elected County Commissioner, isn't she? I do not take terms like 'onerous' lightly and if one of our County Commissioners sees that the process is so, then change is due.
My personal feelings about Friends of Yamhill County and 1,000 Friends of Oregon is that they are tantamount to domestic terrorists that like to use the courts to hold up progress and development when it does not fit their warped way of thinking. While I am all in favor of preserving our beautiful Oregon as best we can, we cannot allow a group that obviously has too much time on their hands to dictate what that will look like. They'd be more accurate calling themselves 1,000 Enemies of Oregon and Progress.


Interesting statements coming from someone that sits on the platform of believing in non-intrusive and small government. You'd think with that belief, Mary would applaud the collaboration of two private parties to work something out without having to get more government involved than necessary. What inspired her to add negative commentary of this process? The two parties agreed on something. They Don't get me wrong, I rarely see eye to eye with 1000 friends. Its just too easy to spot the hipocrasy of this one.