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Easterday rules Wolfe will not be restrained in courtroom

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They ought to invent a "stun gun" that is a belt strapped around his waste under his clothing with rounded prongs touching his back in the kidney area. It could be designed so that, if needed, it could be operated by remote control by a deputy in the courtroom. That way he could be unshackled and with the belt being under his clothing he would appear normal to the jury but if he did jump up and try something the deputy could push the button that shocks him while all the other deputies jump on him.


There will be armed deputies in the courtroom for a case of this magnitude.
But maybe you still could develop your pronged stun gun contraption for futuristic use. Call it the Joel Jolt, or something equally catchy.

Paul Daquilante

A minimum of two members of the court security staff, both of which would be armed, would be in the courtroom for his proceedings, one positioned adjacent to where the defendant sits at the counsel table and another most likely near the courtroom entrance.

On the surface, escaping this courtroom seems next to impossible.

From what I've seen, the court security staff does a great of escorting inmates from jail to the courtroom and back, in addition to supervising them in the courtroom.

Paul Daquilante/reporter

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